Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cabin Fun!

So Craig has been trying to get me to the cabin forever! I am not ashamed to say that the cabin is not my favorite place to be in the winter...don't really like the snow. Well, Craig came home a few weekends ago with the boys and told me that the SNOWCAT would change the way I feel about the winter months at the cabin. We invited the Chidester's to come with us which I knew we would have fun together...but still I was aprehensive about going because of the snow situation. Well, Craig was right. The SNOWCAT is my favorite thing ever! It made going in and out of the cabin so nice. I didn't have to snowmobile unless I wanted to. GREAT! Check this puppy out! It is a monster, it grooms trails and moves snow and makes getting into the cabin a great experience and we didn't have to wrestle each other to try and get our snow gear on inside the car...we just put the gear in and drove in.

I tried to get the full shot but the trees got in the way! It is a monster! But I like it!

We had a great time being up there with the Chidester family. They are awesome friends. The kids had a great time riding the snowmobiles around in the meadow. The girls went sledding and we just hung out and had a lot of fun! Here are some photos of our weekend.

Caleb and McKay playing around outside.

Caleb and Zach waiting for the snow cat to go by so they could ride.

Zach, Maggie & Liberty hanging out in the loft!

Craig filling up the Snowcat with gas!

It was a great weekend, with great friends. Fun Stuff!!!


Jan said...

Thanks again for a great weekend! We had a BLAST!

Hey Jude! said...

That snow cat thing is huge!

(I found your blog from my mom's so I thought I would leave you a comment :)