Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Mom Strengths

Cricket, you've got the power of Playful Enthusiasm

(This is another one of those fun quizzes I found on, kind of funny!)

Sounds to us like you are a funny, easygoing mom who loves to lighten the mood with a laugh. It doesn't matter if you're trading jokes with your kids, practicing your wrestling moves on them, or just kicking back with the family for a night of silly sitcoms, you've got an addictive, childlike energy that makes you a blast to be around. And here's a bonus: Mellow mamas who know how to laugh at themselves can really help their kids unwind and put their own problems in perspective.Of course, you know that sometimes you've got to play the stern mom role (like when your kids break your basic rules), but you're likely to feel much more like yourself when you're sitting next to your kids, riding roller coasters, pigging out on junk food — or giving them their goodnight noogies.