Monday, February 25, 2008

Tag...I'm It!

So I just got tagged by my little sister I am supposed to list 6 things that I like...something people may not know about me. Honestly, I don't know why I am thinking so hard about it. It shouldn't be hard. So without further a-do, here we go.

1. I have an obsession with purses. I love to find a great new purse. My husband thinks I am crazy, he finds me looking on ebay at purses. I love to go to DI or thrift stores to see what I can find. I LOVE THEM! I don't spend alot of money on each bag. It is almost like a game, to see what I can get for a little bit of money.

2. I absolutely love the sound of silence. Yes, there is such thing as an awkward silence that is for sure, but sometimes silence is just what I need. I love the change from utter craziness to silence. It is almost like my mind is instantly cleared and I am a new person.

3. I love to watch and listen to my children play. Most of the time this takes place when they don't know that I am in the room. My favorite times are when Caleb, Zach & Liberty are all playing together. It usually includes a rope of some sort, the stairs, pillows and blankets. From what I can tell it is an on-going imaginative play that seems to pick up where they left off. I love it!

4. I love the classified ads. It is interesting and entertaining sometimes to see what if up for sale or even better free. KSL is my favorite, Craigslist would be my second. I can waste hours looking at what people are trying to sell. I know it is crazy because I have only actually purchased one thing from the classifieds.

5. I secretly buy holiday candy after the holiday and hide it in my office. I tend to do this after every major hoiliday. Currently in my office I have Halloween, Christmas & Valentines day candy hidden. Every once in a while I will pull some out and actually share it with the family. Other times I just pull some out when I need a pick-me-up, or just in the mood for something sweet. I think I justify doing this because it is 75% off when I purchase it. You know you can't buy a regular snickers bar for less than 75 cents anymore so logic says buy the big bag of snack sized snickers for 69 cents, think of how much more you get! Who cares if it has a different wrapper. I'm "still satisfied"!!!

6. I love to organize my things. The common misconception is that my house and my life is organized. Not true. I love a day when I have time to organize my office, this means cleaning out drawers and clearing off shelves. Basically, I am putting everything back into its place. I have a horrible habit of getting things out and just setting them down fooling myself that I will get to it soon. On any given day a person would find the following things laying on my desk, (and they have probably been there for at least a week)

a pile of reciepts - which came from the quick clean out of my purse
1 to 2 pairs of scissors - that do have a proper home in my office but sometimes it is just too hard to get them back in thier place!
candy wrappers - see #5
piles of clean and folded laundry - just ran out of time to put them away
school lesson plans & project that I am currently working on
young womens ideas, notebook and phone list
pens and pencils - oddly enough whenever I need to find one in a hurry I can't seem to find them
at least one pair of earrings
hair bows & hair elastics & a comb or two from doing Liberty's hair on the go
And much much more...everyday is different. But on the day that I get the chance to organize my office...I feel great! Although I just wish I could get it to stay nice and clean & organized for a bit longer between cleanings.

There are my six things. I know that they aren't very exciting. But hey, I never claimed to live an exciting life! Kind of fun!


Cari said...

Hey, you never know what treasures you'll find in the classifies. Lee found the ad for our house in the Want Ads.

I think you are way more organized than the average person. Don't sell yourself short on that one!

Jan said...

It's a lot of fun to sell things on KSL or Craigs list too. I guess it kind of goes along with the way I feel about having yard sales-love it!