Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful GREEN DAY! We all had a great day at one got pinched! We came home and had dinner and then got out the St. Pat's day hats and made our Shamrock Shakes. Fun was had by all. I had to laugh because for some reason, the hats weren't good enough the way they we all had to add our own flair. Mostly looks like scribbles, but hey what every makes them happy. Shakes were yummy! Another fun holiday has come and we had a great time.! Best of Luck to all of you ... even if you aren't Irish! Here are some photos of our party!!!


Cari said...

You are the fun mom! Very cute pictures!

P.S. Jake forgot to wear green and got pinched all day. Hee hee!

Cari said...

P.S. Caleb's expression in the family shot kills me!