Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ooops! They Did It Again!

Okay, I must say that there is nothing I like more than having all my children play together. This evening while I was cooking dinner, the kids were in the family room playing and laughing and having a great time together. Well, just like most other times this occurs, something happens and turns everything upside down. Don't ask me what happened...but as they were playing they were taking turns swinging around a string of beads...don't ask me why. Well, the beads were in Libby's hand and she swung them around and wacked Zach right across the forehead. The nice fun playing, quickly changed to a sibling brawl! It absolutely amazes me how fast things can change around here. Well, after Zach got hit by the beads, everyone turned from being friendly to each other to going after each other. YUCK that is one of my least favorite things ever! When all was said and done everyone was sent to their rooms to cool down. Zach was really crying, and I am sure it hurt but sometimes he gets dramatic! Well, after dinner I looked over at him and saw that he has a stripe of circles going across his forehead! All, I could do was laugh...when I showed him in the mirror he laughed too. Check out these photos...

A bit blurry, but you get the idea!

I starts on his cheek and wraps up onto his forehead.

The pictures don't do much justice...the dots are very red. This had to have hurt!

(By the way he had just drank some purple gatorade, nice mustache!)

poor Zach. Caleb told him if they were still there tomorrow when he goes to school and people ask what happened happened, he should say...

"You should see the other guy!"
Leave it to Caleb to come up with something like that. Caleb, Zach & Liberty are all back to being friends. Which makes me happy! But wow what a night!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Oh good it's not just my kids that go from the best of friends to the worst of enemies in 0 to 60 flat!!! Poor boy...that looks like it hurt!! Have a great Easter!!
Love, Amy-Sue