Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cougars? Are you kidding me?

Okay, anyone who knows me knows that I do not like animals. I am not an outdoors person...I don't camp well, the thought of a thin piece of nylon being the my "protection" from the creatures and wild animals, well, I don't agree. I stress out! I have to feel safe with 4 wall around me. Around our house we have many deer that come down to the orchard next door...they spend alot of time in our yard. It is not uncommon for us to look out the window and see 5-10 deer wandering around our back yard. Well, in the last few weeks I have heard many warnings about cougars coming down from the mountains to find their food, the deer! The thought has totally FREAKED me out! There have been warnings from the Division of Wildlife to be watching for them. Well, while at a YW camp meeting (which I finally have won...we are staying in a cabin this year!!!) some of the girls told me that a cougar was killed in the orchard just across the street from us. HELLO! Way to close for comfort! I had already laid down the line with my children that we weren't to go into the orchard for any reason, and that we needed to stay inside at dusk until dawn. Call me paranoid if you want but I am sorry...cougars are looking for food! No thanks, I will be paranoid. It wasn't so real when the warnings were so general...but hello, across the street! So we have had to teach the kids what to do if they ever come into contact with a cougar...what they should and shouldn't do. AHHH! Go away cougars...we don't want you here! But really can you honestly imagine what you would do if you came face to face with a cougar.


Cari said...

Just wondering...

Has Craig put up the "Fully Invested" lighted sign up? Maybe the cougars thought it was an invitation.

Only kidding, of course! YIKES! You aren't being're being a good and responsible mom.