Friday, March 14, 2008

Blast From The Past!

Today I was driving home from work and Libby asked if she could listen to Radio problem. Libby can sing most of the songs they play (sad to say, so can I!) We were just about home when a total blast from the past started to play...New Kids On The Block-Hangin' Tough! I will admit in back in the day, I loved this boy band. I am pretty sure that they were one of the original "boy bands". I had all of their cassette tapes, and knew every word to every song. The highlight was going to their concert. I still cannot believe that my parents let me go to a concert. I still remember how much fun it was...Tiffany opened for them! (I know that I am aging myself.) My best friend at the time Jennifer Sirago invited me to come and we had a blast! I even had a poster and a t-shirt with them on it. Man was I cool!

(This was the poster I had of them!!! I know that you are totally jealous of me!)

This is my t-shirt! Yes, I did wear this out in public! And yes, I thought I was cool! YIKES!

As I drove this afternoon, I turned up the song so loud, had the windows down and was singing at the top of my lungs. Liberty was looking at me funny, and then asked, "Mom, how do you know all the words?" I told her this was "my music". She just sort of laughed. Here is the funniest part, after the song was over, the DJ on Radio Disney made a comment that totally hit home...he said,

"I bet all the mom's out there loved that one!"

I must say that I got a great laugh off of that one! Almost like he was watching me and laughing out loud. But, I got a kick out of it. I haven't heard one of their songs FOREVER! I guess I better brush off the old cassette tapes and see if I can find the box where the "vintage" New Kids On The Block tee is hiding...who knows maybe it could be worth something! Just kidding!

Listen up everybody if you want to take a chance...

Just get on board and do the NEW KIDS DANCE!!!

I told you I know all the lyrics still! You gotta love it!


{cari} said...

Cassette tapes? Geeze, how old are you? Just kidding...if it were me it would have been records! (yeah.)

I embarrass my kids all the time in the car. I think they're used to it now so it's not as fun.

I'm so excited for next weekend! I love Easter!

Cortney Chambers said...

just for the record--did you also roll up the sleeves of that t-shirt and tuck it in and then pull it out a little--oh, the fun 80s!

i'm really excited for next weekend too--it seems like it's been way too long since we've all been together.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Just another blast from the past for you Cricket...It's me Amy-Sue (Ashcraft) Del Bello...Don't ask how I found your blog-just blogstalking!;) I think of you often and wonder how you and your family are! Looks like all is happy for you!
Come look at our blog ( and please DO keep in touch!!
P.S. I know your jeans had the fold and roll at the bottom too!! Haha!