Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Many of you know (and if you don't I am not sure where you have been hiding!!) that our household bleeds BLUE for BYU. I will say that this is mainly because Craig has always been a big fan for as long as he can remember. The girls in the family just go along with it...we aren't as die hard as the boys. Let me show you what has been happening over the last little while...I guess you can say our true colors are showing.

Once again this year Craig made a wood sign that has the BYU football team motto "QUEST" on it. This isn't your ordinary sign. NO WAY! It holds 237 white lights. It lights us the neighborhood! Everyone can see it, there is not getting past it.

Here is the sign in the day time

Here it is at camera doesn't take great photos at don't get the full effect of how bright it is.

This year more things have been showing this for instance. Not one flag for our family...gotta have one on each side of the vehicle.

It doesn't stop there...last week Craig took the boys to work and made a stencil. Me being the crazy lady I am asked what kind of stencil. Silly me! My boys made a huge stencil of the Y logo to spray paint it in the front yard. This thing is massive! Our front yard is large and once it was finished it doesn't look so huge. But lots of drive-by's and crazy looks that's for sure.

Here is the process of the stencil.

Craig spraying the white Y section

After removing the first section...the boys lifted the Y part and covered the white paint job.

The quickly they painted the blue section. This part took the longest. I kept wondering what this was going to do to my grass.

The finished product. It turned out pretty good. They were happy with it. Every morning when we look outside that is certainally the first thing we see. I need to get a photo of the yard so you can see how big it is.

My real worry is...what is going to be next? Our Christmas lights on the outside of our house are now Blue & White. Not exactly the normal. I can't think of what it will be but I am sure my boys will come up with something very exciting. Just another thing for people to come by and either honk cause they love it or honk and wave their Utah flags at us. I guess we will just have to wait and see what will come. Heaven help us!


Brian Bullock said...

Don't blame me for any vandalism :)

Merfy said...

Corry would love one of those on our front lawn! We aren't quite as creative and just have the blue lights in Scotty's room in the shape of a Y!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

OH MY GEEPERS!!! That's taking it to a new level! I love it! So Utah! Made me smile!

Cari said...

Oh Cricket! You're a good sport! You can't say they aren't creative.

Tori and Steve said...

Okay, so I guess I know where you live now! The other night, I took Logan for a drive to see Christmas lights, and sure enough I saw the sign! That's fun to have something the whole family loves and can be involved in together! I bet your boys love it!

Cortney Chambers said...

wow--who needs the byu bookstore, craig has all the school spirit goods!

Shelly Kenison said...

That is some serious fan commitment!!! It all looks great.