Friday, December 5, 2008

St. Nick Tradition

Filled shoes by St. Nick!

This is a tradition that I brought from my side of the family. On the night of Dec. 4th the kids put out their wooden shoes and in the morning St. Nick has come and filled them with gifts. I remember as a kids loving this tradition we were the only family that I knew who celebrate the Dutch Christmas holiday. As with my children. In fact yesterday Liberty was telling one of her teachers about it and the teacher was trying to tell her she didn't know what she was talking about. I assured her that St. Nick would come to our house but he doesn't come to everyone. So the kids put out their shoes...well, Zach and Caleb put out real wooden shoes but Libby put out one of her own. By the morning the kids were up early and excited to see what was left. They were loving their treats.

Zach is showing off his new socks, Libby her new shirt, and Caleb has his arm up because he got some Tag deodor (as Libby calls it) and body wash. They had a great morning. Fun family tradition.


Craig and Sarah Peterson said...

I love that you got some frufey deoderant for Caleb. A man just wants to smell like a man. Sarah got silly string for everyone at our house and I'm still picking it out of my hair. Good times.