Monday, December 8, 2008

I know the suspense is killing you!

For those who were on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what Zach picked for his family night activity...wait no longer!!!

He decided it would be fun to do Gingerbread Houses. Okay, this isn't a tradition in our home at all...I honestly don't think we have ever done one together. I know we are pathetic. But what a fun night we had. The boys vs. girls which was unfair from the beginning because they have one more set of hands, but us girls we handled ourselves great. We laughed alot and yes there was some playful trash talk going on but all in good humor.

Caleb and Zach thinking they are done...but end up making a few changes.

Cricket & Liberty working really hard trying to keep everything we do a secret

Boy Team seems very proud of their accomplishment!

Girls Team happy with thier completed house.

You be the judge...which do you think is the best one. We said that no one won of course but secretly each team thinks their house is best. Check out the photos.

The finished houses...Boys on left & Girls on Right


Cari said...

Although they are both beautiful, I choose the girls because I love the pretty roof, the colored walkway and the bush. Fun activity. Max walked by while I was looking at this and said, "Luckys! I want to make a gingerbread house!" I guess it wouldn't kill me to breakout the frosting!

McKinsey said...

Ok I would have to say that I think the girls better for two reasons one I'm a gril and two I love your roof so i think the girls won but good job to both team great job boys and girls

Cortney Chambers said...

great minds think alike! the first thing i noticed was the roof too---so, i give this one to the ladies!