Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Random Tradition

BBQ In December? NO PROBLEM!

This was a photo of how much snow was outside on the deck...Caleb had to uncover the BBQ!

Okay so we started this crazy tradition a few years back of BBQing cheeseburgers on Christmas Eve. This year we had to change the day because of family parties, but we didn't let it die. It is always freezing, this year we had to dig out the BBQ, but it is just something we do. We make sure we get all the yummy fixings that everyone likes so they can pile it on high. Caleb went out to dig out a path to the BBQ and uncovered it a little bit. Craig ventured out with his head lamp on to do the grilling. Luckily burgers cook fast. I couldn't resist taking some photos of it. I don't know what the exact temp was but it was pretty bitter! Everyone loved it! They were cooked to perfection as usual. I wish I would have taken a photo of Caleb's burger dripping with every kind of sauce imaginable coming off it. He had a double with bacon, you should have seen him open his mouth that wide. Next year I will take a was pretty amazing. Craig and I just laughed. Zach made his all up and just ate bacon and chips instead of the burger. Liberty likes just the bun with our special sauce. I think it was Zach who gave us the idea of doing this, the funny thing is we don't BBQ burgers here at home much if ever during the summertime. So it is a special treat. Like I said a random tradition. But a fun one!

This is the first time Craig went outside ... He ran in shivering!

Burgers are done...notice the hood was on...every little bit helps.

I know it is a weird tradition, but the only way to eat a burger is grilled...yum!