Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas!!

***WARNING: This is a very long post. SORRY***
So this year I must say has been the best Christmas ever! We of course were busy, and running right up to the last minute, but once the day came, it was great! The week of Christmas was packed with fun times spent with family. Here is the week in review:

MONDAY Dec. 22nd :

The entire Veenker family decided to try something new and fun. After a big storm that lasted all day long we ventured out to Provo to eat at the very yummy Brick Oven we headed down to the Provo River for a Christmas Cruise. Don't get too excited, it's not what you think. It was for sure different and funny. We all piled up onto a raft with sides and were pulled along the river by our guide. We saw fun Christmas lights along the river and listen to great music while we floated. The big surprise was Santa rowing out to meet us in his canoe. He greeted us, talked to the children, and gave us candy. It was a fun activity, I don't know if we will ever do it again...but hey, how many of you have been on a Provo River Cruise??? I know you are jealous.

Check out the photos of the fun time.

This was the lit up sign that was greeting us!

Here's the family right after the cruise!

Zach was loving the cruise so much he couldn't control his emotions!

Liberty making some weird faces...she was loving it!

I think that Caleb was overcome with oooo's and ahhh's!

Tuesday, Dec. 23rd:

Tuesday we wanted to do something with just the five of us. We thought about going ice skating but then second guessed the idea because we have never taken the kids, and I wasn't about to strap on the skates being big and prego. We changed our minds and went to Temple Square instead. We actually haven't been up there the last few Christmas seasons in fact Liberty couldn't even remember ever going. First we made a stop at one of our favorite places the Training Table for a bite to eat! Yum, Blue Bacon Burger and cheese fries, can't go wrong. Off to Temple Square, parking was a nightmare but we know a secret parking place...and no I won't tell. We had fun wandering around checking out all the beautiful lights and just enjoying to sights, sounds and being together. Check out these photos:

Craig and the kids infront of some of the cool trees covered in lights.
Caleb and I waiting in the North Visitor Center while everyone else was in the bathroom.

The gang who even knows what is going through their minds. Kind of goofy photo

Here we are in the Tabernacle, we were listening to someone play the cool organ.

The kids and I in front of the large Christus statue in the North Visitor Center. Not sure what Caleb's doing, I think he was saying something to me when Craig took the photo.

Wednesday, Dec. 24th:

Wednesday we made our final preparations for the family to come to our house. We had the Peterson family Christmas Eve party here. It was a fun event just like always. The soup everyone made was delicious as usual, and the talent show was once again a hit. The grand children came up with some darling talent numbers. Everything from piano, singing, dancing, trumpet, xylophone, reading books and more. The best part is just being together as a family enjoying one another's company, laughing, singing, and crying. There is just something about being together with family around Christmas. Here's some photos of the fun.

Some of the younger cousins laying down listening to Papa tell stories about his Grandma. The were so cute and listening to the stories.

Liberty did a cute little tap dance to Jingle Bell Rock. It brought back alot of memories.

Caleb and Zach tought it would be fun to take Craig's deer antlers from years past and put red noses on and sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was quite funny!

After everyone left for the night, we hung out, watch Joy To The World and basically waited for bedtime. Liberty had made this magic reindeer dust at the Kids Village Christmas Party and she couldn't wait to go outside and dump it on the snow to draw the reindeer to the house.

Here's the cute reindeer dust before she went outside.

Here she is sprinkling it all over the snow out front.

Thursday, December 25th:

We were awaken by the kids at 6:00 am. I am sure it would have been earlier except we told them that they couldn't come up until then. We had a great time we took our time, the kids assembled/played with their gifts from Santa for almost 2 hours. It was almost 8:00 am before they actually opened any gifts. They had alot of fun opening things from each other and playing all morning. I loved it, no stress, everyone happy and getting along enjoying their new things.

Zach thowing his new football to Caleb. Caleb gave him this and a flag football kit.

Liberty showing off her fun and groovy new doll house. This thing is so cool, it has a silver spiral staircase, elevator, and a disco ball. It's a girls dream come true. Santa did a great job!

Craig opening up his new Toaster Oven that I gave him...I wanted a new one!

Caleb checking out his cool new remote control truck Santa brought. Both boys got a truck, and now we have races all over the house. Fun stuff.

After shoveling the walks, yep, once again we woke up to feels like it has been snowing forever! But the kids love it. After the walk was cleared we headed to Veenker's for more celebrating. Everyone was excited to talk to Elder Veenker in Argentina. We ate a yummy brunch and opened gifts and hung out. Some of the family went over to sled at Todd & KyLee's house, I went home for a nap. We had a wonderful Christmas Dinner in the evening, and played games after.

Over all it was a perfect Christmas Day. No stress, that is just how I needed it to be. Just before going to bed, I told Craig I hope every year from now on can be like this one. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!


Brandon & Shelly said...

what a perfect christams week! glad that everything went so well for you and family. Merry Christams

Tori and Steve said...

Sounds like you had a fun week! You are such a good mom to be so active and adventurous with your kids! Happy new year!