Friday, December 5, 2008

What the Singlet!!!

Here he is at the start of his match

Okay so Thursday night was Caleb's first wrestling match. I am sure that I had a look of disgust on my face while watching. No offense but it is just uncomfortable to watch this sport. And a SINGLET?

sin⋅glet  /ˈsɪŋglɪt/ –noun

a sleeveless athletic jersey, esp. a loose-fitting top worn by runners, joggers, etc.

I looked up the definition of this just cause I think it is a funny word. Well, the singlets I saw last night were in no way loose-fitting. YIKES! When I walked in my poor son was standing there waiting until the very last moment to take off his shorts and t-shirt. He was embarassed. Not to mention nervous. This was his first match and he didn't know what to expect. Being the mom I am I wanted to cheer him on but had no idea what to yell out...I felt stupid. But Caleb pulled it off and won! We were all shocked. I don't understand how he won and I don't know if Caleb knows how he did it. But hey a win is a win. After it was all said and done... we got a great laugh out of it. Just look at these great shots of Caleb in his lovely singlet!!! These photos will be great to show his future wife. I am sure she will love them!!!

Sorry but how can he be taken seriously in this outfit!

Nice one Caleb! I must say I laughed my head off at this one!

Okay this is just the first match...I don't know if I can handle it. But it was fun to watch him win. Even though we have not a clue how the scoring is done or how you win. Caleb is still learning and wearing a singlet! YUCK!!


Cortney Chambers said...

yeah, there is just something not right about those, hilarious, but not right!

Jan said...

What the singlet is right! Go Caleb for having the guts to wear it. I must say we all had a chuckle at the picture posing. Congrats on your win!

Cari said...

It could be worse I guess. At least they don't wear something like a speedo. I'm thinking that some day he might regret those poses. :) Congrats on your first win, Caleb!