Saturday, February 2, 2008

was it worth is...absolutely

all day yesterday i had a strong desire to go to President Hinckley's veiwing. i had heard that it was a very memorable experience and something that i should take the time to go to. i got home from school and the feeling never quit. craig came home from work and we talked about going. the children were somewhat hesitant and i respected that. craig said he would stay home and be with the kids but i still didn't want to go alone. i called my cutest friend danalee, and even though she had already gone on thursday, she didn't skip a beat and said she would come with me. by the time we got on our way it was 5:30ish. we knew the viewing was to end at 7:00pm, but that didn't stop us. we headed up and got a great parking place and hurried upstairs to get in the massive line. we got in line at 6:00pm....shortly after we found our place in line we began talking to those around us, which we fondly called "line mates". we talked to many around us, at first just to keep us from thinking about how freezing it was but we enjoyed talking about everything from the weather, our wonderful prophet, occupations, medicine, trying to predict the next move of the line, and hearing the conversion story of one man behind us. we even sang hymns to keep our minds off the cold. many times in line we were told that we should plan on being in line for 5 hours. we at first thought it has to go faster then that, however, that was almost exact. we stood outside, in a line that wrapped around and around the conference center with absolutely no rhyme or reason, for 2.5 hours. it was freezing cold. there was an amazing feelinig when we got to finally enter the building, not only the warmth that we so needed but also a reverence that was unable to describe. we filed into the conference center and were seated for almost 2 hours i would say, i wasn't watching the time. when it was our turn to file through the line and up the escalators, there were hymns playing and talking was a whisper. we rounded a corner and were welcomed by the portraits of the 12 and then the first presidency, i knew we were close, but was actually caught off gaurd that President Hinckley was right in front of me. as we entered the actual "hall of prophets" the scent of the all the gorgeous flowers hit you and everything was silent. i was in awe, we couldn't stop only pause to see him but danalee had told me to look at his hands, while in line. i looked at his sweet face and then to his hands. they just looked like he was ready to work. they were different than i had ever seen. as we filed out of the hall and wound back through the conference center to see many more portraits and flower arrangements that were so beautiful things were still so calm. after waiting in that long line and being so cold and when i finally got to see him it didn't matter how much time we had spent there. it is something i would not have changed, the whole experience was amazing to see so many there to honor him. that alone said so much. it is something i will never forget. it was the perfect closure for me, like for so many others.

i am thinking that this post is choppy and may not make much sense and for that i am sorry. my thoughts are many but i have to say the feelings i had last night were special, President Hinckley is a wonderful teacher and i thank him for that.


Cari said...

I didn't know you had a blog! How exciting!

I really, really wanted to go and try to get into the funeral. I don't like viewings (as you know) but I so wanted to go to the funeral. But, it didn't work out. What a beautiful funeral! I will miss him so much but I just can't help but smile because I know he is happy. I'm so glad you were able to go and that you had a good experience. I loved that poem!

DanaLee said...

i am so glad that you started this blog! I love it! I loved your recap of our experience in line and at Pres Hinckley's viewing. I loved being there with you as well. I am grateful that I went again.