Friday, February 22, 2008


Okay, so Craig took the boys to the cabin today after school. On his way home he stopped at Kids Village to switch cars with me. It was so funny I was in the kitchen teaching my class, my back was to them, when I turned around I started telling them what we were going to be doing, and my eye caught a cute little girl named Chloe. She had a very strange look on her face and her eyes were about double their normal size. The kids were all standing on the benches along the island and without me knowing Craig has slipped into the kitchen and knelt down on the benches right next to Chloe. I started laughing when I saw him. He had totally scared Chloe and he apologized to her...when I told her who he was she was fine. But he was really cute with the class...they loved him.

When he switched cars he took my purse with him. I called him to make sure he hadn't taken my purse to the cabin...he hadn't. Great everything was going to be fine. I headed home with Liberty and all was great we were going to have a great night just the girls. We came home to a totally locked up house! Craig had left my purse inside the house and my house keys & cell phone were in it! That's right we were LOCKED OUT! I tried every window, no such luck. Both Liberty and I were bummed. We headed over to Grandma & Grandpa Veenker's and their house was locked up also, however I know where the hidden key is, at least we were able to call Craig. We actually had caught him before he had gotten to far. We went and met him and got his house key and we were able to get into our house and not have to crash somewhere else for the night. Our girls night plans weren't ruined! Not that we had any grandious plans! YOu know Sonic run and Hollywood Video for a princess movie!

One more thing...(I know that this is a long post) Yesterday Zach came home from school higher than a kite! He has had a student teacher the past couple of months Miss Steiner. She won her classes heart (at least Zach and his cousin Stockton) by informing them early on that she was friends with members of the BYU football team. She was cool! Well today was her last day and she invited a couple members of the BYU team to class with her. Zach couldn't believe it! He was so excited. I told him he needed to get their autographs...his reply was "I already thought of that Mom". In my "mom mind" I was thinking an autograph on paper...not in Zach's mind. He dug up some old glow in the dark football this morning without me knowing and took it to school.

When I finally got into my house this afternoon, sitting on the kitchen table was this dirty old football with 2 autographs on it! Not what I was thinking, but Zach still is on cloud nine! Great, I don't have the heart to tell him that he can't use the football anymore or the autographs will rub off. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

Check this out! I personally like the large Veenker autograph on the top. Lovely!

That is Harvey Unga & Joe Seminoff autograph...Zach is so cool! I love him!