Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to reality!

Today I had to get back into reality...I have had 6 days off and it was hard to get up this morning to say the least. During these 6 days I haven't done alot...but then I have done a ton. It was so nice to have the time off, I had a lot of fun. When the alarm went off this morning I groaned! But back to reality!

I have to tell you what Caleb did today...pretty classic Caleb. I had a Young Womens Presidency meeting after school, all the kids were with me playing, Caleb decided to go home before the meeting was over, not a big deal. About 30 minutes went by and he came back. Knocked on the door and opened it and said,

"Mom, Dad called and said he has something for you.
He wants you to come home."
What can I say, I got excited...gathered up my children and told everyone I had to leave (the meeting was just getting over) got in the car and came home. I walked into the house giddy, what did he have for me??? I walked into Craig's office he was just sitting at the computer acting completely normal. When I asked him what he had for me, he looked at me like I was crazy. Caleb just started cracking up behind me. He then told me that he just told me that cause he was hungry and needed me to come home to get dinner ready. That boy!!! All I could do was laugh. Sometimes I wonder where he comes up with these things.


Cari said...

I'd ring his neck. Then I'd make him cook dinner.

(I talk a big talk...I would have laughed too! Only if it was Caleb that did it.)