Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

For Valentine's Day this year I decided to make it a family day!!! The hype of going out to eat on Valentine's day is so overrated!!! Plus way expensive! It just so happened that I didn't have to work and so I had the day to make all the preparations for our fun Family Party!!! Liberty was a big helper...she was really into it. Too bad she still isn't feeling very good but she still wanted to be a part of the prep. We ordered our Heart Shaped Pizza's from Papa Murphy's early in the day cause we just knew how crazy crowded it would be. We purchased decorations and napkins and Raspberry Soda cause it was pink! Valentine's M&M's, mint brownines frosted in pink frosting and salad. We made rice crispie treats and dipped them in chocolate and used some fun Valentine's sprinkles to make them festive. We got a call from Kids Village saying there was a special delivery there for me ... went and picked it up and it was beautiful roses and a box of chocolates from Craig. The perfect center piece! All the boys got home and we baked the pizza and while it was baking Liberty fell asleep. I felt so bad but knew that I would have to wake her up or she would be sad after being such a big part of this! We had a great time eating and watching The Game Plan! The best part about it was everyone was enjoying being together! I think we have made a new tradition. Liberty is already starting the plans for our St. Patty's Day Party! "Everything will be GREEN, Mom!" Maybe I have created a monster!!! But I love that she wants to do it! It will be great!

These are my lovely roses and chocolates Craig sent me!

On a side note I must say that my hubby is so awesome to always remember me on Valentine's day! He was so on top of things this year he ordered flowers early in the month. We were sitting the in Temple Cafeteria last Saturday night and I could see the dissapointment when I told him that I wasn't going to be at school on Valentine's day....his surprise was squashed! I felt bad but it was really exciting to go pick them up. I love him, he will forever be my Valentine!

Here's the gang! Poor Liberty...I wish she was feeling better. We had a great time!

This was our yummy feast! Love the Heart Pizza!!

Hope you all had a great VALENTINE'S DAY!


Cari said...

You're such a fun mom! All I did was fondue for dessert.

Way to go Craig! Very impressive!

I hope Liberty feels better soon.

Cari said...


Seeing that red table cloth reminds me that I still have your older red table cloth from Max's baptism. I'll try to remember it next time I see you. Sorry!