Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sing Your Heart Out!

Today we had a great day at church. Liberty was asked to sing with 5 other girls in Sacrament today. They had 2 practices this week to prepare for their number. They were all so cute. When she was asked we quickly called Grammy & Papa and Grandma & Grandpa to invite them to come listen. The girls practiced the song all week. Today their work paid off. When it was "finally" their turn to sing (Liberty was getting pretty antsy) they all walked up to the mircrophone with smiling faces and really not looking nervous or anything. They took their places and sang so beautifully. THere is something about hearing 6 little four, five and six year olds sing, so sweet. They sang "I Love To See The Temple". They did a great job. Liberty was so cute up there...not that I am bias. Grammy & Papa and Grandma were able to come and listen. We all enjoyed it. I hope this is something that she will continue to want to do. I remember singing alot as a girl and I want that for Liberty. She has a great voice, and looks so cute doing it. Here she is right before church this morning. Good Job Liberty! Keep up the good work! We love you!

Don't Forget...

Sing Your Heart Out!!


Jan said...

this is a test

Jan said...

Okay-so I set up an account so I can comment. Way to go Libby! I bet you were awesome.