Friday, March 19, 2010

Saint Patricks Day 2010

Once again the festivities started early in the morning at our house. Craig came up to me and pinched me thinking I didn't have green on but little did he know that I had already painted my fingernails I had to get him back!

We had a great breakfast of green french toast, but Liberty doens't like that so she asked me to make her a bowl of cereal and I did and added a couple of drops of food coloring right in the middle of the bowl, she took it and looked at it and said "Mom you added food coloring didn't you?" I answered, "That sneaky Leprechan, he just couldn't hold it a second longer and he peed in your cereal." The look on her face was priceless! But she laughed and hurried to eat her cereal.

We had to make sure to get pictures of all the kids wearing the fun Leprechan hat!!!
Caleb turns 14 in a month.
Caleb was a good sport, before he left for school he was kind of making fun of me for getting so into the holidays, I put him in his place by saying, "I just hope you have a cool wife like your mom, cause if not, you'll miss this!"

Zach 9.5 years old.

Liberty turns 7 next month.

Brit already a year old!

Of course we had our yummy green dinner. This year St. Pat's day fell on Wednesday, which happens to be the busiest day around here, so we had to be quick eating our dinner to get Lib to gymnastics and Caleb off to YM, and wait for Zach to get home from scouts, and catch Craig before his meetings. Somehow we fit everything in.
(Please excuse the laundry in the embarassing!)

Every toasting to GREEN!

Brit wasn't so sure about all of this GREEN!

To end the yummy GREEN dinner, I found this idea online and had to try it, a rainbow cake. It was a hit, mine doesn't look as great as the one online, but it was fun!
The house was decorated, green was worn, green glitter was sprayed in hair, photos of kids wearing the leprechan hat, green food eaten, the only thing missing Irish dancing! Maybe next year! I hope your day was as fun as ours!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I couple of weeks ago, I was tagged by my friend Rashelle...and yes I am just now getting to it. Basically make a list of 5 things I will do, and 5 things I will never do. Easy enough we go...


*Loose this baby weight

*Go on a romantic vacation with Craig (hopefully soon!)

*Always love going grocery shopping (go ahead and think I'm crazy)

*Forever love the sound of my children laughing together

*Continue to be the best person I can be for my children, my husband, my family and friends and for ME!


*Like the dentist...(I am sure they are great people but I don't like what they do to my mouth)

*Be caught up on laundry, no matter how hard I try

*Drive a mini van (take no offense if you, I just made up my mind early in life.)

*Own a cat..they gross me out! (let's face it I probably won't own any animal!)

*Stop dreaming...somedays that is what keeps me going!!! (Don't tell me I am the only one!)

That's it! I tag Cari, Amy-Sue, Cortney & Meredith...have fun ladies!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball 2010
Craig and Liberty just after having their photo taken in the carriage heading into the ball.

Liberty was so excited for the Daddy Daughter Ball this year. She couldn't wait for the big day...she picked out what tie she wanted Craig to wear like 3 weeks before the day, and couldn't stop talking about it. The big day came and I took her to get her hair done and painted her nails and got her all ready. She was darling. This year was a bit different because I helped at the ball, so I got to see everything first hand. I was nervous that Liberty would clam up when she saw me and she did for a few minutes but it wasn't too bad. Craig took her out to dinner first and when they arrived at the ball the magic began. There is nothing better to watch a little girl get all wide eyed with excitement being surrounded by a magical setting. Of course the lady who put this together didn't let anyone down, I was in awe when I walked in, so you can imagine what the little girls thought. It was a great night, I loved watching the girls and their dads (who if they weren't having fun, the made their girls think they were!). It was an amazing night, one that I know my little girl won't forget. She is already talking about next year!

It was so fun to get out and dance with all the girls...the teachers who were able to attend were dying to dance! So much fun!
Blurry I know, but Craig helping Liberty with her jewelry box.

Let the dancing begin! I loved watching them dance!

By the end of the night...the last song most dads were holding their little girls...darling!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Veenker

**I know that I am behind but I am trying to catch up!**
On February 17th our Elder Veenker came home from serving 2 years in Cordoba, Argentina. The excitment that came with the homecoming was felt by the entire family. His nieces and nephews were beside themselves with anticipation to see if he'd changed or if he was the same. We all headed up to the airport and waited for the plane to arrive, Jen (Craig's sister) due to delays on her flight the night before had to fly in the same morning and was able to welcome him at the gate. She waited for a few hours for him to land but it was worth it! We were all jealous that she got to see him first. With a large poster and balloons on the little ones we watched for him to come down the escalator...and when he walked into the opening (passed security) we all just sort of stood there...he looked at us and we looked at him...finally Wendy(another sister) headed up and started the hugs. It was fun to see how the kids were looking at him. He looked great, and I the kids realized that he was the same Scott that they knew and loved so much. We had a great time after the airport at Craig's parents house, just talking with him. It is great to have him home and it has been wonderful to have him set such a great example for all the kids.

The kids getting the sign ready!

While waiting we discovered that Caleb is now taller than Grandpa. By just a little bit!

Scott and Jen coming through the security gate thing.

Brit meeting Scott for the first time. He was a little shy!

Waiting for luggage and just enjoying being all together again!

When we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's house we all just started laughing...if you only knew how perfect this has Grandpa Veenker written ALL over it!
Welcome Home Elder Veenker!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Valentine's Dinner

A few years ago, I decided that Valentine's day needed to be more of a family holiday. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy going out with Craig and having our adult dinner with the Veenker side, but I wanted to make it fun for the kids also. I started a new tradition of having a "HEART DINNER" with them on Valentine's night. Craig and I would rather go out a different night to beat the crowds. We always have a great time, each year I have been able to pick up something to add to the festivities...just to make it exciting. Look how much fun we had this year!
Everyone toasting to a great Valentine's Day!

Just before eating...

The centerpiece...Craig gave me these roses.

Heart shaped brownies.

This years new goblets with heart stems.

Heart ice cubes.

Homemade heart shaped breadsticks.

The meal consisted of Heart shaped pizza, breadsticks, caesar salad (not heart shaped), yummy red punch with heart ice, heart shaped brownies and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a great meal followed by a movie night. Can't wait until next year!!!