Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Welcome Home Elder Veenker

**I know that I am behind but I am trying to catch up!**
On February 17th our Elder Veenker came home from serving 2 years in Cordoba, Argentina. The excitment that came with the homecoming was felt by the entire family. His nieces and nephews were beside themselves with anticipation to see if he'd changed or if he was the same. We all headed up to the airport and waited for the plane to arrive, Jen (Craig's sister) due to delays on her flight the night before had to fly in the same morning and was able to welcome him at the gate. She waited for a few hours for him to land but it was worth it! We were all jealous that she got to see him first. With a large poster and balloons on the little ones we watched for him to come down the escalator...and when he walked into the opening (passed security) we all just sort of stood there...he looked at us and we looked at him...finally Wendy(another sister) headed up and started the hugs. It was fun to see how the kids were looking at him. He looked great, and I the kids realized that he was the same Scott that they knew and loved so much. We had a great time after the airport at Craig's parents house, just talking with him. It is great to have him home and it has been wonderful to have him set such a great example for all the kids.

The kids getting the sign ready!

While waiting we discovered that Caleb is now taller than Grandpa. By just a little bit!

Scott and Jen coming through the security gate thing.

Brit meeting Scott for the first time. He was a little shy!

Waiting for luggage and just enjoying being all together again!

When we drove up to Grandma and Grandpa's house we all just started laughing...if you only knew how perfect this has Grandpa Veenker written ALL over it!
Welcome Home Elder Veenker!