Sunday, March 7, 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball 2010

Daddy Daughter Ball 2010
Craig and Liberty just after having their photo taken in the carriage heading into the ball.

Liberty was so excited for the Daddy Daughter Ball this year. She couldn't wait for the big day...she picked out what tie she wanted Craig to wear like 3 weeks before the day, and couldn't stop talking about it. The big day came and I took her to get her hair done and painted her nails and got her all ready. She was darling. This year was a bit different because I helped at the ball, so I got to see everything first hand. I was nervous that Liberty would clam up when she saw me and she did for a few minutes but it wasn't too bad. Craig took her out to dinner first and when they arrived at the ball the magic began. There is nothing better to watch a little girl get all wide eyed with excitement being surrounded by a magical setting. Of course the lady who put this together didn't let anyone down, I was in awe when I walked in, so you can imagine what the little girls thought. It was a great night, I loved watching the girls and their dads (who if they weren't having fun, the made their girls think they were!). It was an amazing night, one that I know my little girl won't forget. She is already talking about next year!

It was so fun to get out and dance with all the girls...the teachers who were able to attend were dying to dance! So much fun!
Blurry I know, but Craig helping Liberty with her jewelry box.

Let the dancing begin! I loved watching them dance!

By the end of the night...the last song most dads were holding their little girls...darling!


journeytojohanssontown said...

That is so cute. Is that kids village that does that?