Thursday, September 24, 2009

My How He's Grown!

Today Brit turned 7 months old...I can't believe how much he has grown and developed in one month. He is changing everyday! I love to watch it all happen. The monthly photo shoot didn't go very well today, I didn't get one that I loved but these pretty much show how he is these days....he's a tease! He is so cute and happy, but just when I thought I had a good one, he would move or look down at the last minute, then he would laugh! I love this little guy!
It started like this...

He was way more interested in playing with the 7 paper than pictues...

Then he wiggled, and wiggled more!
Then he plopped down on top of the 7 paper, and laughed...

And now we are DONE!

Hopefully I will have better luck next month, but something tells me my days of sitting him on the couch for a quick photo is over...he is worried he may miss something.

I can't believe how fast 7 months has gone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

School Carnival

Last Friday afternoon I took Liberty, Zach & Brit to the Grovecrest Carnival. After getting to the school, and walking around the entire carnival, you know we had to check out all the options so they would use their tickets wisely! The fun began with face painting, then off to the buffalo chip toss, gold digging, candy sling shot, pop can shoot out, golfing, football throwing, and Zach even used a ticket to get himself into jail. I still haven't figured out why, I guess it looked fun to him. We ended the fun with a hay ride, and a fun little animal train thing. They both walked away with some fun prizes and candy. They had a ball! Brit once again was a trooper. It is a good thing that he is so mellow, he just goes with the flow. It ended up being much more fun than I thought it would.

Brit hanging out in the stroller, enjoying people watching!
Liberty playing with her cheap-o parachute man. So easy to excite little ones.

Getting ready for her train ride.

Zach giving a thumbs up to the train driver

They had these men walking around shooting these guns, and seriously it would scare me everytime they did it. The kids thought it was awesome.

Zach and Lib on the hayride.

Zach put himself in jail, I can't figure out the look on his face...begging to get out.

Trying to shoot down the pop cans, he ended up getting 3 knocked down.

Showing off her painted Y on her face...true fan!

Zach debated a little bit whether to have PG or Y painted on his face.
Nothing like the fun of a school carnival!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look What He Can Do

He is so proud of himself.

Brit has a new trick...he is now sitting up. It took him a while to get it down but he has figured it all out and only topples over every once and a while. It's like he is in a whole new there is so much more to see, he is way happy when he sits up. It also makes him seem so much older. He is growing so fast!!! He loves to play football with his brothers.

Getting ready to throw his football.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Just Stuff

So this post really has no rhyme or reason, it is just a list of funny/strange things that have happened over the past few days.

*This morning I got dressed for work, (keep in mind we have a dress code of black, white, and new this year gray, I have never heard women be so excited about gray when this was announced) I put on some white capri's and a black shirt, chunky black sandals, it was a good hair day, I felt okay...I walked into Craig's office and his comment was

"I thought you weren't supposed to wear white on the bottom after Labor Day"

My comment back to him was...not when you have my dress code! After I walked out of his office, I just started to laugh...who would have thought the day would come that my hubby was giving me fashion advice!!!

*Tonight Craig is at an 11 year old Scout camp out at Mutual Dell. He is the Stake Priesthood rep there. As he was walking out in his "full" scout uniform (I so wish I would have snapped a photo!!!) I had to give him the run down, you know my stress of camping and outdoors. I had to remind him not to leave any food in his tent. I told him to sleep with a whistle by his side, I drilled him about having a whistle and went and find one for him, but he just smiled, and got his out of his pocket and blew it to re-assure me. I also told him if he sees a bear to pull his coat up by the hem over his head (to make him as look as big as possible) and to make lots of noise. He just smiled and listened. I kissed my cute scouter good-bye and can't wait until he is back home tomorrow afternoon.

*Tonight I dropped my Caleb off at the high school football game all by himself. On our drive over to the high school I asked him (more like told him) if anything happens you call me. Yes, I sent him with my cute pink phone in his pocket. I told him if something serious happened to find his uncle or aunt who was there (I hope they don't mind I told him that, I am sure they are okay with it). I told him to stay with good boys and enjoy himself. After he agreed to do all of the above, he jumped out of the car and stood in line to pay and me being the mom I am, I sat in my car and watched him, making sure he got in and I seriously watched him until I couldnt' see him anymore. WOW! It is hard to realize that my children are getting older and more responsible.

*Liberty and I were talking the other day and I was asking her if she had made any friends at her new school. She thought for a minute and said, "Yep, I am friends with a girl named Autumn. But don't worry mom, she's not ODD, her name is spelled with and AU not ODD." I went in the other room and laughed. Thanks Lib for the clarification. I was pretty worried for a second!

While driving up to my parents house, we rounded the corner onto their street...Zach totally out of the blue says "You know how to tell it's a woman's money? You smell it!" Everyone started laughing, I had to have him repeat what he had said cause I didn't hear him the first time. I asked him what are you smelling, his reply...PERFUME!

You see my life, is full of great moments. I wish we could slow down so I could remember more of the funny things that happen or are said. But for now you get a taste of the stuff that goes on in my life!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Bleed Blue

There is nothing like BYU football season around the Veenker home. No, we don't have season ticket anymore, we used to but have found that we enjoy staying home watching the game on our comfy couch and warm house, with out the traffic and crowds. We decided to make game days fun and exciting around here, we all watch them together and food is always different from the norm. We are way into BYU! It is fun, right around the first game you will find this in our front yard...
Oh and this...

This was last night, right after we got it all lit up and hung.

Yes, this thing lights up the whole neighborhood! It looks really cool. Craig makes a new one every year. So much fun. The kids love it. We get lots of honks everytime we have it up (which is only on game days). It is just something that maybe is a bit over the top but hey, my family gets so excited for the BYU's awesome!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picking My Battles

Okay, every game day around here the boys wear their jersey to school, I get it, it's a team thing, and I don't mind. This morning when Caleb walked upstairs, all I heard was Liberty snickering, and said, "tall socks with shorts". I was worried.

I rounded the corner and saw this...

I had to phyically bite my tongue and think to myself...PICK YOUR BATTLES. I remember my mom telling me that as a mother there are just some things that aren't worth fighting over. She said that I need to pick my battles and pick them wisely. Today I had to exercise this, I was dying inside, but tried to remain calm when I asked him, "why are you wearing those socks?" I think I handled it okay, he told me that other boys on the team did it too. I made him change his shoes, he originally had on gray nikes, I told him he had to wear black shoes, cause he was currently looking like he should strap his fanny pack on and hang his camera from his neck. This being a mom of a teenage boy (who is now bigger than I am) is going to be difficult. But hey, like I told myself, if that is the worst thing he does these days I will take it hands down.

*** Just as a side note...I laughed my head off when Caleb got home and Craig saw him, Craig just looked at Caleb and said, "you need to tuck in that jersey it is too long!" I freaked out, I said, "seriously you are worried about the jersey...check out the socks." I guess I don't get men!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So BUSY!!!

We have been so busy these last few weeks, I feel like I hardly have time to breathe. Down time seems to be a thing of the past...Ahh, I wish it would return. I found this pic and it made me laugh...if only it were true. That thought is truly what crossed my mind when I saw it. I strive to be a fabulous mom...really I do. But I know that I fall short most days...I worry that my children are going to remember me not as a fun, exciting, loving mother, but as a stressed out mess! YIKES!!!! So today I turn a new page, and really I am going to become a FABULOUS MOM to my FABULOUS KIDDOS! (I hope by doing this also makes me a fab wife to my awesome hubby, too!) Wish me luck, I am going to need it...maybe this goal is a bit too lofty!!! But I'm going to give it a shot!