Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Someone Had A Birthday!

Craig is one year older and wiser too! (Gotta love Primary Songs). Overall, I think that I failed at making this day special for him and I feel bad. We were so busy all day and it basically came down to a quick, sorry rendition of Happy Birthday at 10:00 pm and before he could blow out the candles on the cake we made Zach swooped in and blew them all out. So this photo is him acting like he blew them out but he really didn't. Craig is such an amazing part of my life...I love him so much. He is a wonderful Father to Caleb, Zach, Liberty and Brit and we all look to him as an example. I have vowed to make his special day next year AMAZING! I hate when life gets in the way of family. It may be time to re-think what we are doing with our time. Happy 37th Birthday Craig, we'll make this the best year yet! I love you!


cortney said...

happy birthday craig! birthdays just aren't as fun as an adult, but here's to next year!

Cari said...

Great acting Craig! :) Hope you had a great day even with all the craziness!