Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Balloons Everywhere!

Panoramic photo of all the balloons...some were still filling up.
Wednesday morning we woke up early and headed down to Provo to watch the Freedom Festival Balloon Launch. It was a beautiful morning...when we got down there the kids were loving watching the balloons fill up and we waited for them to launch. After waiting awhile we heard that they weren't going to be able to launch due to weather. Well, let me describe the weather that I saw...sunny, blue skies not even a bit windy or cloudy. There have only been 3 days in the history of this event (like 20 years or something) that they haven't been able to launch and of course we pick one of them. NICE! I will admit my kids and I did like going and seeing what we did but look forward to next year being able to actually watch them take off.

This is so much like my children...here there are all of these balloons to go look at and they choose to play frisbee in the parking lot.

Caleb took a photo of all of us.

Here they are inside...Zach's only comment was it stunk in there!

Here are Zach and Liberty walking into the belly of the balloon!! They really didn't know what to expect.