Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stay-Cation Day 3

Stay-Cation Day 3
*Kick-Ball*Water Slide*Food*Family*Fun*

For our final day we all started at Lindon Elementary for a great game of soda pop kickball (but we used Capri Suns). This is played like normal kick ball except when you get to first you have to stop and get a Capri Sun opened ready to drink...the catch is you can only drink while you are running. You have to have every drop gone by the time you get home because if you aren't done you can't touch home until you are done. When I kicked I was so worried that I would choke while running cause I was scared of getting hit with the ball. Which happened a couple of times, if you can believe it the only one who got hit by the ball (other than being tagged out) was Grandma. I hate to say this (I even told her this) but it was so funny, both times she was the innocent by standard and got pegged twice in the head/face/chest. The entire family was rolling and laughing so hard, luckily she wasn't seriously hurt, and she was a very good sport about it. It was something I don't think anyone will forget! After playing we headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house for a BBQ and water fun. We ate yummy food, and played in the water for most of the day. As we were cleaning up the adults decided that a nice quiet dinner out would be the best way to finish things off. We all headed home and got the families settled and headed to Spanish Fork to go to Prestwich Farms, a old family favorite...with lots of history. 4 of the 7 Veenker children worked there in all different positions. Fond memories of good food.

Overall, I think the Stay-cation was a huge hit! The kids had a great time, the adults didn't complain about it other than footing the bill...but it was a great family memory!

Play Ball!

Zach ready to run!
Craig on 1st base waiting to run and drink his Capri Sun.

Zach waiting his turn to go up the slide

All the kids playing on the waterslide. They were all having a great time until it got too crazy and the plug had to be pulled.

To end off a great weekend all the adults headed out for a great dinner at Prestwich Farms. YUM! At different times Craig, Lori, Wendy, & Doug all worked there. It was a perfect way to end the fun.