Monday, July 20, 2009

Stay-Cation Day 2

A quick shot of most of the family...we are missing a few...John, Scott, Lori & McKay

Stay-Cation Day 2
State Capital * Gateway * Bingham Copper Mine * BBQ * Swimming

Some how I got the order of these photos all mixed up but was too lazy to fix them. So this is what we did but in a different order.

Day two brought all kinds of excitement...we started early and headed from Park City to Salt Lake City. First we headed to the State Capital. We decided to do this because many of us had never been there for a tour before. It was interesting..and honestly a pretty cool place. From the Capital we headed to lunch at Wendy's. I had to laugh that we filled up one half of the dining area. After eating we headed to the Gateway...some of us went to the Clark Planetarium and others went to the movies, and some went to Discovery Gateway (the children's museum). We all had some fun then left to go to Bingham Copper Mine another place that none of had been to. It took a while to get there but it was interesting once we were there. After our drive home we headed to a BBQ and swimming at the new Lindon Pool. Another fun day. Check out the photos.

A quick pick me up ... nothing like cold ice cream on a blazing hot day!

Liberty climbing the rock wall...she is up at the top right here.

Zach pretending to be a KSL news anchor

Brit once again was a trooper...I can't believe how well he did hanging out in his stroller for 3 days.

Liberty and Zach at Discovery Gateway

Craig and Brit just outside the Captial Building

Here we are starting our tour.

Zach playing around in some random safe in the Capital Building

Caleb totally enthusiastic about the Senate Chamber portion of the tour.

Liberty standing in front of a replica of the Liberty Bell

When Liberty walked up to this display in the museum she said to her cousin..."oh tell me this isn't darling." I just laughed...little mini trucks on some sand is darling.

Zach trying to catch grasshoppers...they were all over the place.
Caleb looking out at the pit.

A quick family photo before heading into the museum.

Stay tuned for day 3!