Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick Stop Time!

Is he CUTE or what???

I am having a hard time believing how fast time if flying. Brit is 5 Months old already! He is getting bigger everyday and cuter by the minute. He is starting to talk more (more like baby babble), picking up things, and playing with his toys. He will scoot himself around his crib with his heels dug into the mattress and pushing off, it is quite funny to watch...he talks to his feet and hands, and loves to eat his toes. He is so cute, and such a good baby, I have a hard time with him growing so fast...but on the other hand I love watching what he can do. But I better not blink cause before I know it he will be walking and talking. AHHH!

One more just cause I thought this was cute...he is looking at Craig in the hallway. He loves his Dad!


Cari said...

I love your monthly pictures of that cutie! He is a doll!

Cortney Chambers said...

he has some great smiles! five months has gone by super fast---

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Cute, cute!