Monday, May 4, 2009

Special Family Home Evening

Friday afternoon Craig called me on his way home from work and told me he wanted to do a special Family Home Evening on Sunday (because we now have games on Monday night). He asked me to print out the talk given in General Conference given by Elder Stevenson titled "Sacred Homes, Sacred Temples". If you haven't read this talk it is a great one. After church Sunday after church we packed up the car and headed to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple.

As we walked around the grounds of the temple we discussed this talk. Craig asked the younger kids what they thought the Temple was like inside. Answers varied from, quiet, clean, white and like church. He had Caleb tell them about the baptistry and what it was like. Craig then asked, "how do you think people act towards each other in the temple? Is there any arguing or yelling? In the temple are the room dirty, is there clothes laying all over the floor?" After he asked many questions like this he waited for comments from them. Liberty's comment was classic, yet profound. She said, "if it were like that it would be just like our house." Sometimes the words that come from children sort of shock you, and put you in your spot.

We made our way to the back side of the grounds and sat down and went discussed all of Elder Stevenson's talk and talked about ways to make our house more like the temple. We discussed that this was something that everyone had to help with. We need to be more kind, help around the house, watch and listen to things that would invite the spirit.

I thought this was so cute...Zach and Liberty were looking in the front doors of the temple. They really wanted to see for themselves.

Here's the family!!! Minus me, which is okay and nice man came and took one of all of us and when I saw it I wanted to cry...still feeling huge! So here is the one that I took.

We had a great time sitting there on the temple grounds talking about how we could make our home a "sacred home". I have noticed that my children are trying to be kinder, happier about helping and doing their jobs. It was a wonderful Family Home Evening, one that I hope the children will always remember. I am so happy that Craig was prompted to do this, it was wonderful.

I just had to add this one, Brit loved being in his stroller as we walked around the temple. I snapped this photo and thought it was so cute.

My cute the boys really need haircuts...add it too the list!


Tori and Steve said...

What an awesome idea! Your family is beautiful! Brit is such a pretty baby! Tell Libby hi!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

What a terrific FHE!!! So neat. That last picture of all the kids is DARLING!!!

Millington Family said...

I love you guys! What great photos! And a great FHE. We still do the 5 to 10 min ones...can't wait till we graduate to have FHE that last a bit longer.

Cortney Chambers said...

we had the very same lesson last week, but somehow it ended up with me going on and on (way past the attention spans!) about how everyone needs to do their cleaning jobs--needless to say that we need the lesson again, me especially!