Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

What a great day! I woke up before everyone else to get a head start before church and then was told to go back to bed so the kids could bring me breakfast in bed! I just had to laugh when I found myself getting back into bed pretending to be surprised when they all walked in. Breakfast in bed this year consisted of a bowl of granola with very little milk and a drink of water. I love how my children think! But it was fun to hang out in bed with the whole family surrounding me. A great way to start the day!
The kids and Craig gave me roses! Another surprise I ruined because late Saturday night I had to throw a small load of wash in and when I opened the door to the laundry room there they were. OOOPS! Again I acted surprised. But they were beautiful white, dark pink, and yellow roses. I loved it.
On our way home from church I asked the kids to stay in thier church clothes so we could take a quick photo. Well, this mostly worked...the boys all took off thier ties but that's okay! I don't know about your family but quick photos seem to take forever with mine! But this will have to do...not the best but hey I can't ask too much!

It was a great day! I was able to spend most of Saturday with my mom and we had a great time together. I couldn't have asked for a better mom, she is amazing! I love her so much! I have also been very blessed with a great mom in law. We went over to her house for dinner and a chance to talk to Craig's little brother on his mission. It was a great way to celebrate Mother's Day weekend.

I am lucky to have wonderful mom's. I have a great husband, and awesome children. I am very blessed!

Here is a cute note that Lib left me on the white board.

Brit wearing his "Mommy Rules" shirt, I love it!

Here it is...this was the best one I could get. I don't know what Caleb is doing. But this is us, we are one happy family!

This was one attempt at the family photo. Caleb was trying so hard to look taller than me so for this crazy one I am squatting down. What scares me is someday this may be reality!


Cortney Chambers said...

cute family pictures!