Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caleb's Chior Concert

Here's the proof! He actually preformed in a Chior Concert!

If you know my oldest son you will know that chior is the last class he wanted to take. It is a required class in 7th grade for a semester. I told him not to worry that it will be an easy A ... well little did I know! Chior is a pass or fail class...for about 3 weeks Caleb wasn't passing, he had an F in chior. They were learning some signals for the notes and he just wasn't remembering them. I will never forget the day he came home happy as could be saying that he finally passed them. The A was back. Well, he came home and told me that the concert was coming up...I got all excited. I remember being in chior all through junior high and I loved it! (Let's just say that the excitement stopped with me). Don't get me wrong Caleb has a great voice, it just isn't his "thing". Me being the mom that I am...(somewhat embarrassing when needed!) I got to the concert early, with camera in hand. Craig and Liberty went to Zach's game which was at the same time and Brit and I headed to the Jr. High. I walked into the auditorium and just got a huge smile on my face...there he was up on the stage practicing, I couldn't help but smile. They all looked so handsome up there (all boys chior) in their white shirts & ties. But what cracked me up was the lack of emotion of any kind. Every single 7th grade boy up on the stage had the blankest expression on thier face. I thought that maybe it was just for practice. Well I was wrong...while they sang their 5 songs it was almost funny how they acted. A man behind me was pointing out one boy who he thought was going to fall asleep. Seriously, no expression at all! They did great, and yes of course I took photos documenting this memorable occasion in Caleb's life. I don't think it will ever happen again. Brit started screaming right after the boys were done and the girls were starting. Let's just say that everyone knew we were there! I looked over at Caleb as I was walking out with my screaming boy and he gave me a quick look and then nothing...I don't think he would have claimed us at that moment!!! He looked good and did a great job!
Here they are...this was as excited as they got!

Can you tell he is relieved!


Cari said...

I bet he's got a great voice! He looked like he really enjoyed it. :)