Thursday, May 7, 2009

Life at the Veenker Home

Well this past week has been busy as usual. We just keep going day in and day out. Nothing major but lots of fun stuff has been happening. I had to share some of the photos I snapped to give you an idea of what life is like for our family.

I had to take a picture of Brit wearing his bib overalls for the first time....I love overalls.

While cleaning up and vacumming the basement one afternoon, I left Brit in with Liberty in her bedroom. I could hear her laughing but didn't think much of it, she called for me to come in her room and when I did this is what I found.
I didn't get a good shot of the flower foam sticker in his hair like a clip, and the feather wrist band, and of course the baby doll.

The next time I was called in it got better, nice pink guitar, and sequenced scarf, still wearing the feathers on his arm and clip in hair.

One final shot...Brit wearing Liberty's tiara. These photos are going to be serious blackmale if I ever need it. Liberty had a great time...who needs a sister when you can just dress your baby brother like a girl?

We spent many nights at the baseball fields. Brit was a great sport, with the occasional cry, but overall he did great.

I decided it was time to get the walker out for Brit. He hasn't really enjoyed the swing and I needed something to hold him while I tried to get things done. He loves it. It makes him look so big.

Wednesday I had to go help in Zach's class and I took Brit. Zach got to finally show his baby brother to his class. It was so cute to watch him tell the class about Brit. They asked all sorts of questions and Zach answered them all. He was a proud big brother.

After sitting in the walker for a while I came into the room and found this. Liberty turned on a movie for him to watch. Hello! I had to laugh and what was the funniest part is he LOVED it! Not a good thing to start.

He was seriously mezmerized by the movie. I must put a stop to this, I don't want a couch potato at age 2 months!

There you have it...nothing really exciting just day to day stuff! It has been a good week with lots of little moments that make me laugh.


Cortney Chambers said...

Libby is quite the babysitter! There will be some major pay back some day for those pictures--that's so funny! I am stated the obvious, but I can't believe how much he justs fits right in with the look of your family. He's so cute.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Brit makes me WANT a boy!
Too cute.

Jen said...

I love them all! I'm sure Craig is so proud to see his baby boy dressed up like a girl. I can't wait for the day when she has him in dresses with make-up on. If Libby asks, he's not invited to the Miss Veeneker pageant. Girls only and dressing Britt up like a girl, just won't cut it. :)