Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Last Couple of Weeks in REWIND!!

Hold on tight for a wild ride all in REWIND!

Crazy Hair Day- We had to take a few photos of Liberty's crazy hair...this year we decided to cover her entire head with her darling flower clips that McKinsey has made for her. It turned out so cute, maybe not too crazy but she got a lot of comments and compliments. Very cute....what will we do next year????

A view from the back!

Liberty's Kindergarten Graduation- Liberty was so sad to have school come to an end. She realized that she wouldn't be going back to Kids Village next year. She has fallen in love with her teachers Miss Cheri & Miss Alycesun. She did really well in her program and looked so cute in her cap and gown. I have to admit I cried. But what else is new!!! She has grown so much from the day she stared there and I am so sad to see her leave. She will do great at Grovecrest! (If anyone has been a long time reader you will know that Liberty graduated from Kindergarten
last year...when she started at Kids Village the 4-5 year old class was not challenging her so I moved her into the Kindergarten class, this year we started her in 1st grade there but they moved way fast for her so she did Kindergarten again which is where she was supposed to be anyway! I know it is kind of crazy but she enjoyed both years in the Kindergarten class and now is way ready for 1st grade!)

Lib just waiting for the program to start. She was looking at her dad when I snapped this photo. I love her expression.

Lib and Miss Cheri

Lib with Miss Alycesun...someone Libby really looks up to. She fell in love with her!

Caleb's Awards Program- As parents we were happy to receive an invite to the Jr. High Awards Assembly. Caleb received an award...way to go Caleb. I had a hard time getting a good photo but we were there to cheer him on and honestly this guy doesn't like much recognition...I can always tell when he is nervous, he does a funny thing with his mouth. We were happy he did so well in 7th grade!

Here he is receiving his award from the Principal

Here is the mouth thing I was talking about!

Backyard Fun- In all of our "spare time" we have been working on our backyard, moving huge mountains of dirt, leveling out the yard, picking up rocks, trimming trees, burning branches & junk, you know everything that goes into getting a yard done. This at times has been hard work, but it has been fun working together as a family.

Craig moving dirt! But of course with the Bobcat...he made it fun!

Craig on the roof cutting down tree limbs to burn.

Zach and Liberty getting ready to pick up rocks...they somehow turned this into a huge adventure.

Caleb getting ready to pull out a tree. At our house this is how we do things, tie a rope to the tree and to the bumper of the car and yank the thing out!

After pulling out most of it with the car, here is Caleb trying to get the rest with his big muscles!!!

Burn Baby Burn- Craig and the boys love to start fires, I know what you are thinking, and yes, I have to monitor them when they do it! When starting our first fire Zach says to Craig, "hey dad lets do a line of fire" being so well versed in fire talk didn't have a clue what this was. Craig made a pile of everything poured some "fire starting juice" (gasoline) on the pile then poured a line out in the dirt and lit the fire at the end of the gas. Well, it was something that I had never seen done but the boys were loving it. I tried to get photos but they didn't turn out super great!

If you look really close you can see our "line of fire"!!!

My favorite photo is Craig acting out the scene from Castaway when Tom Hanks finally gets a fire started. I was laughing so hard!

Fun Run- The annual Grovecrest Fun Run! I love the last week of school! I was taking Zach to school the morning of the run and he said, "don't worry mom, I don't care if I don't win because Conner always does, I will be fine to come in 4th or 5th. I am just going to run like I am running for a touchdown and someone is right on my tail." I love the way that boy thinks! He did a good job, he ran the entire lap and ended up coming in like 10th or so...I seriously have no idea cause they all came running to the finish in groups...I lost count. He was happy and had a great time.

Zach and other 2nd grade boys getting ready to run.

Zach and Stockton (cousin) just after the race.

Dance Festival- Another end of year activity at Grovecrest...the Dance Festival. This has to be one of my favorite events of the entire year. What other time do I get to watch my boys dance? Zach is so fun to watch. The 2nd grade did a Patriotic dance, it was really cute. I did embarrass myself here, I totally fell down the hill while carrying Brit in his car seat. Caleb didn't see me he was too far ahead, but where I fell, that is where we decided to sit (we moved over a little bit to sit by some friends). We lucked out, it just so happened that Zach was right in front of us. YEAH! I love watching his facial expressions and how he counts so he will remember the steps he has to do. Great job Zach!

Zach keeping the beat!! He is a cute dancer don't you think???

Pajama Party- The boys had Fathers and Sons over Memorial Weekend and that meant Pajama Party for Lib and I. She had planned out everything we would do. The main thing was we needed to wear our matching pajamas...which weren't technically matching just the same style. But whatever she wanted. We took these self portraits as part of the fun night. Too bad you can't see our "matching" pajamas!

Our "girls night" (plus Brit) self portrait.

And this is what I felt like while living this whirlwind, eventful, fun packed week or so...

( Have you ever reviewed your pictures on your camera and find a photo that you don't ever remember posing for??? That would be this one! Just don't ask!)


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

WHEW! I think I made that same face after reading all that...That was tiring!! So much going on-you amaze me! Congrats to all your kids on all their achievements!

Cortney Chambers said...

fun stuff! liberty's graduation picture is really cute---and i am thinking that yard work is in the same category as laundry--never all the way done!

Cari said...

I love all of Libby's pictures! She is so beautiful! I don't know why I didn't know your backyard was so big! It's coming along great. I also love the picture of Zach talking with his friends before the fun run. So cute!

Millington Family said...

Thanks for the wow, your back yard fire was a bit too big for me. Good thing Craig has his firehose ready. Loved all the family photos, espeically the last one of you!