Monday, April 13, 2009

13!!! Are You Kidding Me?

Yep this is my boy! I love him tons!

I am having a hard time grasping the fact that I am now a mother of a teenage boy. Caleb turned 13 on Saturday. Crazy to think how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home. He is such a great young man. Watching him grow both physically (which is crazy...he now looks me in the eye!) spiritually, intellectually (he currently has straight A's!!! Way to go Caleb!) and in every other way is amazing. He changes everyday. He is funny, strong, helpful, a great example to his brothers and sister, loving, fun to be around, and an all around good kid.

For his birthday he got to go snowmobiling with his dad. They had a great time together and the snowmobiling was a lot of fun. I love that he enjoys spending time with us. I hope that is always the case.

Happy 13th Birthday Caleb!!! We love you!


Cari said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!! It is so crazy how fast they grow up! I love that picture! He's such a good kid!

Cortney Chambers said...

happy birthday caleb! i love his sense of humor--i'm glad he had a fun day!