Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Too Much Food Netword I Guess!

Yesterday when Liberty came home from school we started to make lunch just like every other day. She was making her own cheese burrito and I was helping Brit or something and when I came back into the kitchen I found this.

Notice the "fancy" party plate she uses for lunch also...this is one of those things that if it makes her happy it works for me!

Now you have to know that for the past few months she has started to enjoy watching the "cooking shows" as she calls them. She has her favorite shows and then her not so favorite ones. Here are some of her favorites...

Giada De Laurentiis - This is Liberty's all time favorite "cooking show". I really don't know why she likes her the best but if I ever need some time I turn her show on and she is hooked. She loves it.

Sandra Lee - Semi -Homemade is a great show...Liberty always says "we should make that". I think this is where she got the idea for the sugar rimmed glass...because Sandra Lee always makes a cocktail to go along with her meal. We'll stick with the fancy koolaid!

Guy Fieri - Lib likes watching his shows, she loves his diners, drive-in's & dives show best.

Somewhere on one of these shows they must have been making some sort of "fancy drink". Well, for whatever reason she decided to improvise and do this for her lunch. Sugar rimmed grape koolaid with lime. Her version of a "fancy drink" . She loved it so much we had to do it for dinner ... the boys thought it was amazing! What could be better than sugary koolaid with more sugar around the rim of the glass. They all were in heaven, and had to go outside and run it all off after.

It still amazes me what Liberty will pick up on. She does many things like this that surprise me. But I love that she is willing to try it. I think it is fun! Who knows what she will come up with next. We shall see!

Here she is enjoying her "fancy" lunch!

As they say on the Food Network - BEST DISHES!


Jen said...

I love it! She sure is cute! She's always doing and saying the funniest things. Thanks for sharing.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Creative little girl...just like her mommy!

Millington Family said...

I love it!! She's my kind of girl! She and I could swap some ideas. Too bad she's not into the Barefoot Contessa, that's my fav FN show.

Cari said...

LOVE it! I'm so glad you have a girlie girl among all those boys!

Sandra Lee's a favorite here too. Emma is always setting up "tablescapes". So fun!