Friday, April 24, 2009

Hollywood Here We Come!!

I wish this was an announcement that we were going on a fun filled vacation...but no Liberty's birthday was yesterday and we had a Hollywood/Movie Star Party. It was fun, you know a house full of 6 year old girls who came dressed up like movie stars, oozing with sass running around, dancing to the total girl music what more could we ask for.

I told myself I was going to do this party on a budget...I gave myself $20.00...and I did it!! I will admit I had part of it at home but here's what we did and the break down.
As the girls arrived they each were stopped by the poparatzzi and flashed a smile & some even struck a pose.

Liberty and her friend Kate carpet - fabric I had down stairs. $0.00
photos printed to include in thank you notes $0.28 x 7 = $1.96

You know every real big movie star has their handprint in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood like this...

so being the big stars they are they each got their own square to put their handprint & signatures on. These turned out reaaly cute, we did them on gray parchment paper with stamp pads for the prints.
Cost: 9 sheets of cardstock $1.80
gold glitter for stars $0.99
stamp pad & markers - had them downstairs

These tuned out really are the girls making them
Next we made a movie...the girls to make a music we blared the music and the girls sand and danced around the room while I taped them .
Cost: $0.00 (I borrowed a friends video recorder)
Everyone was dancing all was fun!

We all gathered on the couch to watch themselves on the big screen. They all loved watching the movie we ended up playing it like 7 times!
Cost: popcorn $0.00 (had it at home)
licorice $1.29

the girls ate popcorn & licorice while watching it.

After opening presents we went outside and had cupcakes. The girls ate and ran around having fun.

Liberty had to have pink cake, pink frosting, and pink sprinkles this year, I guess last years pink frosting just wasn't enough.

Cost: Pink Cake mix $0.88

Pink frosting $1.39

Pink sprinkles $1.00

Just before the girls left I told them I was going to send their movie to Hollywood and I would let them know if they made it big! They ate it up!

As each girl left Liberty gave them a sucker with a little star stuck to it that'll always be a star to me! Thanks for coming!

Cost: 12 tootsie pops $1.00

Other costs: koolaide drinks $2.00

Table cloth, paper products $3.52

Here is the island all set up before the girls got a hold of it. Yummy stuff!

So there you have it!!! Total cost $15.83!!! Even with the cost so low, the girls had a great time, best part of the whole thing...Liberty was in hog heaven!!!

My little girl is 6 years old and I can't believe it. She is so fun to have in our family. She loves life and is a great girl. We love you Liberty! Happy Birthday!

PS...Even the boys wanted to be a part of the party. Too bad they both had baseball practice! Here they are on the red carpet.


Jen said...

Looks like so much fun! Tell Lib that I'm sorry I forgot to call and wish her a happy birthday.

Cari said...

It was so cute and the girls were so fun. Thanks for not getting mad we crashed it! (I still feel pretty stupid!) Emma had fun. Libby's lucky to have such a creative mom! :)

Cortney Chambers said...

fun party, cute ideas and best of all, not a lot of money. kids are happy just to get some balloons and cupcakes--i love it.