Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break 2009

This morning we had to get back into the routine of school. It was hard but we managed. Everyone got up a bit droopy but seemed fine by the time it was time to head out the door. Spring Break was fun and of course it went by way to fast!! But when I think of how fast this school year has gone so far, the last six weeks should go pretty fast! Summer can't come fast enough for our household. We had some fun during the's what we did!

Craig pulled out the telescope Monday night after playing capture the flag. The kids love gazing up in the night sky.

Here are the kids hanging out on the grass just after the night games waitin for Craig to get the scope set up & focused

Tuesday moning we woke up to SNOW & lots of it...that didn't stop Liberty & Zach from getting snow clothes on and heading out. They were out there most of the day.

Can you tell that Zach loves the snow?

Lib, Zach & Zach's friend Jackson...when Mother Nature sends you snow during Spring Break what should you do??? Make SNOW CONES! (I must say that I felt like pretty fun mom when I pulled out the flavored syrups and plastic cups and let them have at it! They LOVED it to say the least!)

There was a lot of this going on in the evenings...everyone congregating to Craig's office to play Tiger Woods Golf on the computer. Don't ask me why the big draw to this game but all week long everyone (except Brit and I) played this. Does any other family see this? Where one game is the best thing for awhile then forgotten for months on end? Maybe we are just odd that way.

Thursday we did a little kite flying. It wasn't very windy but we had a good time anyway.

It took a few tries to even get the kites up in the air, Craig was a good sport to help the kids.

Friday we decided to have an indoor camp out. We pulled out 3 twin size air mattresses and one queen air bed and turned on the movies and had popcorn and what was funny is everyone was asleep by 10:30 pm. We live very exciting lives!

Look how cute Libby looked snuggled into her sleeping bag with a matching flower in her hair she made that with her cousin and she loved it so much she slept in it!

There you have it! We had a great week, it was nice to have no real stress all week. Now were back into the swing of things. Fun for us!


Cari said...

You're the best mom! Snow cones? Awesome! I love Libby's flower!

Jen said...

I'm so happy you have this blog! It's going to help so much when we move. Now if we can just get the other family members to get one. Spring break looked like fun!

Cortney Chambers said...

aren't the weather changes crazy? the picture of libby in the snowy weather is darling. a telescope sounds really fun---and is that the famous strawberry shortcake blanket i see on zach?!! i loved those blankets growing up.

McKinsey said...

I am so happy Libby loved her flower. It looked so cute it almost matched her sleeping bag.