Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Mom

Liberty the Little Mom

I knew that Liberty was excited to have a baby around but I am finding it funny the things she is most excited about. She loves baby clothes...she is constantly asking if we can change the baby's clothes. Like every diaper change. She can't wait for him to fit into certain outfits. She gets so excited about it. I just laugh.

Last night she was begging me to let her help give him a bath. Okay, not a big deal. This would be the first time I actually submerged him in water...before I have just done sponge baths. Well, his reaction wasn't one of joy. Not at all, the boy cried like no tomorrow! Liberty just sat there wide eyed looking from him to me and finally said, "Mom, I don't think he likes it." I wonder where she got that idea? It made her sad to see him so upset, not to mention how I felt. She feelings quickly changed when it was time to get him dressed, she found the whole outfit, down to some slippers that we couldn't even get on his feet but she tried very hard.
Zach took this photo while Lib & I tried to calm him down. I think you can tell how happy he is.

okay, i knoe these are the cutest little slippers ever. A fiend is letting us borrow baby boy clothes and when we saw these we fell in love. We tried so hard to get his foot in and they wouldn't go in. Lib was sad. She said they looked so cute with the outfit we had to take a photo.

She is loving her brother, she can't give him enough kisses. I find her in his room by the crib just talking to him. She wants to hold him and help feed him. It is fun to watch her with him. I know they will have a great relationship. She will make sure of it!!!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Sounds like you have lots of little helpers with Brit. So fun! Enjoy that sweet little newborn.

Cari said...

How fun! He's going to be the best dressed baby always with Libby around! :)