Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Day Celebration

Our St. Patrick's Day started early this morning with magic (according to Liberty) green blueberry waffles. (Just a side note from the sneaky Leprachan ... when she opened the cupboard this morning and found only blue food coloring ... she was in a panic ... luckily it worked out fine.) Liberty was running around telling everyone about our green breakfast, after a few minutes everyone was in the kitchen looking at this...

Doesn't this look inviting?

The kids loved these...they kind of look like shamrocks!

Caleb wasn't in the mood for this craziness. He said he wouldn't eat the waffles but being his mother I knew he would give in. After eating everyone got ready for the day. It is fun to see how each of the kids got into the festivities.

This is how much GREEN Caleb wore...

We wouldn't want him to go overboard.

Zach was in a search for something green. Both of us searched his closet and drawers and seriously this was the best we could do. Yes there is a green stripe in this shirt. The boy doesn't own anything green. Kind of funny!

Really there is green in this shirt. He only had 1 person pinch him because they didn't see it right off.

Liberty, well she couldn't get enough of it. She was totally into the GREEN scene. We didn't find the headband until after school but that didn't stop her from wearing it all afternoon.

She even had shamrock socks on...you just can't see them.

Brit looked cute in his green. But he had no choice his sister insisted on him wearing green.

Can't you see how happy he is about wearing green! He is starving...he acts like I haven't fed him in weeks. Can't you see he is withering away!

While the kids were at school the sneaky Leprachan made another visit. This time decorating the house with shamrocks, confetti, and a Happy St. Patty's Day sign. Lib of course was the first one home and she seriously soaked all of it up. Loving every minute of it. Caleb and Zach just got little smirky smiles on their faces.

Craig was working from home today and he just laughed at me...until I said, "this is what our kids will remember! I think he got why I was going to all the effort.

We finished up the fun with an almost all GREEN meal. We had, green salad, green beans, bread (white not green), green punch, pears, and Malibu Chicken (not green...but very tasty!) As part of our meal fun, I found these cute freezer mugs at the dollar store and new they had to be an addition to our St. Patty's day fun. Everyone had a great time!!! We still haven't had dessert but that will be brownies with green frosting & carmel green apple pie! YUM!

Everyone getting ready to eat up!!! Everyone except Brit...he was sleeping.

This "Beanie O' Greenie" is something we have had for years. I pulled it out of the box of decorations and had to get a photo of all the kids wearing it. We also looked up our Leprechan names on Facebook. Lots of laughs.

"Stingy O'Conner"

A nice self portrait of Caleb wearing the hat.

"Big Nose O'Conner"
Zach looking cute as ever.

"Sneaky O'Conner"

She wasn't too happy to have to wear this. She likes the headband much better.

"Junk in the Trunk O'Conner"
Seriously...could this be any cuter?

The day was completed with Zach giving us a demonstration of what his teacher taught them today...IRISH DANCING! Check out these moves.
This kid has some serious moves!

River Dance eat your heart out.

Today has been so much fun for me. It makes me want to be more like this on just average days. It is amazing what a little food coloring, colored paper and enthusiasm can do. So here's to many more fun days!

By the way...Craig's Leprechan name is "Tight Fisted O'Conner" and mine is "Fluffer Nutter O'Conner" who knows what that means...but when entering my full name is came out "Botox O'Conner" I don't know which is better.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

What a fun mom you are! I love all your festivities. Our leperchan left us green milk and Lucky Charms cereal. Last year he went pee-pee in our toilet (green of course). Too fun, isn't it?

cari said...

Yes, you are a fun mom! Doing all that AND with a newborn...wow! Caleb's green reminded me of Cole's green (he drew a line on his inner arm with a green marker) I think secretly they want to be pinched by the girls! :) And tell Zach that we all expect to see some Irish dancing Christmas Eve! So fun!

Cortney Chambers said...

wow---i need to get with it--i thought i was doing good by wearing my green pants!