Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week of Fun!

Here's what's been going on around our neck of the woods this past week!

We looked at the window and what did we see...our poor tent almost flattened.
Monday we woke up to snow, lots of it, and it was HEAVY! We had the tent up drying from the Fathers & Sons outing which was over the weekend. I knew we should have put it up on Sunday but we didn't and due to the heaviness of the snow and the trees that have grown leaves we had a slight mishap. Our poor tent was the victim, which I must say I am glad it was only the tent. While Craig and I were out trying to drag the huge branches off the tent, another large branch came cracking down...we scrambled to get out of the way, and had to wait until the snow stopped to clear it off. Surprisingly we only got one L shaped hole (about 6 inches) and one crushed pole. But considering a huge part of the tree fell on it, the damages weren't as bad as it could have been.


Storybook Character dress up day...can you guess who I am? The Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George. A big thanks to my cutest neighbor for letting me use this costume. It was a hit. But let's just say, yellow isn't my color!

Liberty doing her elephant dance to that elephant march song from Jungle Book. (I don't know the name)
Zach striking a pose while doing his dance to "I Can Fly" from Peter Pan
Zach with his wonderful 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Guerrero
Liberty with her AWESOME teacher Mrs. McKell


Seriously the things you have to do as a teacher, but it all paid off when I walked into my art room and had all the kids chanting CRICKET! They pretty much think I'm cool! (Not all teachers did this, only 4 of us) Craig just shook his head when he saw me, and wouldn't even help me take some stuff to the car, he was too embarassed. I can only imagine what the guy at the bank drive thru thought of me.

FUN RUN 2010

Liberty after running 3/4 of the track. She did great she placed like 6th. Way to go Lib!
Zach refreshing himself with some Powerade after his run...he came in 6th. Both he and Lib said that they didn't want to run this year! Sorry, not an option! I made them!

Caleb heading to pick up his certificates, just missed the handshake with the principal.
He did it, he completed 8th grade with a 3.3 GPA. I am having such mixed emotions ... he is such a great kid, but as his mom, I can't believe he will be in 9th grade! It stresses me out one minute and then I get so excited for him and for what is coming up for him in a few years. AHH this motherhood thing is such a roller coaster! Great job Caleb!

Overall he did great, but he did have his moments! If you haven't heard Brit's new way of communication, feel lucky. He has a very high pitched scream, and I am sure that everyone was happy see him at all these events. I keep saying, "I can't wait for him to talk". The scream is crazy!

So there you have it! All this and throw in a few baseball games, meetings, and parties, and that's what we've been up to! Can you say we are SO ready for summer break!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Wow...that was overwhelming just to read about!!! Fun times!

P.S. I love your sassy cute hair!!!