Sunday, June 6, 2010

Proud As Punch!

Yes, I know that I still have many things to blog about ... but I had to do a quick post on something that is currently going on. Craig's work is in the Utah County Parade of Homes. He has put in a ton of time and effort into making this house amazing...and well, pretty much it is! If you live near by you should check out house #16. It is spectacular! Thursday I had a chance to walk through and I was so proud of Craig. Craig did some amazing designs. I love the entire thing. If you don't know, Craig designs cabinets. Check out some of his work!

Oh first...check out this house! I told you it was spectacular! It's like 15,000 square feet. CRAZY BIG!

One view of the kitchen...I love the hood and stove/oven.
Another angle of the kitchen.

While we were walking through Craig got a call that he had to take. I love this photo! Can you find the fridge and freezer? Someday! I can always hope!

One bathroom on the main floor.

The basement cool...they have a brick pizza oven just off to the left of this photo. Very cool!
One shot of the craft room...this room is a crafters dream, tons of room and tons of cabinets to hide all your stuff!
The mater bath...very nice!

These photos are okay but the real life house is incredible. I love how they turned out. I only took photos of the cabinets, you should see the other parts of the house, murals, fun kids rooms, indoor pool, cool fish tank, flat screens EVERYWHERE! But I must say, I am a proud hubby done good! Way to go Craig, we found out he won some time of award, we just aren't sure what it is yet! WHA-HOOO!

For info on the Parade go here:


cortney said...

that is crazy big, but amazing looking!
the fridge/freezer is awesome---great work!!!

Kimberley said...

Good job to Craig, that is amazing! Heck, if I could even get a kitchen like the basement kitchen I'd be happy!

Cari said...

Way to go Craig!!! It's all gorgeous!

Cari said...

I just looked at the pictures again and (sorry, this doesn't have to do Craig I don't think) did you see those cute cake plates? Darling.

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

That is one amazing house!! Oh, to have all that space!! Your husband is one talented guy-that's for sure.

(P.S. Cari, I thought the same thing about those cake plates!)

Craig and Cricket said...

oh the whole house is decorated as cute as those cake plates! I loved them too!