Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here's The Scoop

So here's the deal...for whatever reason today while driving down to work I was thinking about growing up. One thing I totally remember doing was walking to Thrifty's to get an ice cream cone. I remember it looking a little like this with some slight differences. Even down to the window being covered by the menu.

(photos found on Google)

The thing about Thrifty's ice cream that made it different was the shape of the scoop. (Maybe no one even has a second thought about the shape of the scooper but I do!) It wasn't the was way cooler! (I can even remember how the scooper sounded. I know I am strange!) It looked something like this (see photo below)...but this doesn't do it complete justice. It was much more boxy when first scooped.

I remember it didn't cost more than like 30 cents for a double...(maybe I am way off my rocker, but that is what I remember!) If you got a double it was almost a balancing act to keep the second scoop secured on the bottom scoop. A triple was a joke, if I do say so wasn't uncommon to walk out of Thrifty's and see dropped scoops of ice cream of all flavors, because someone wasn't paying close attention to the top scoop.

I'll never forget my favorite flavors...Chocolate Malted Crunch and Pistachio Cashew (it was green). I don't even know if Thrifty's is still around, and if it is if they sell ice cream. Those days are long past maybe, but for some reason I thought about it on my way home.

After thinking about it for awhile, I somehow (in my own crazy way) tied it into how I have been feeling lately. We are SO busy around here! It isn't uncommon for our family to have multiple things every day and night of the week. Everyone is involved and I love it that way, with baseball games and practices (Caleb playing on one team & Zach playing on 2 teams), gymnastics for Liberty, church callings, work, Caleb's quarterback clinic at the high school, and just everything thing else that is thrown in, we are CRAZY BUSY! But I can't complain too much because everything we are involved in is good and fun. We are happy. But for whatever reason, I can't seem to find time to complete laundry, mop my floor, you know just the general house cleaning stuff that should be getting done. I sort of feel like I am living a Triple Cone life right now....where I am having to balance it with everything I have to enjoy it. (There I finally got to the tie in). Oh, just like the ice cream, life is great, but I am having to seriously concentrate on keeping it all together. There that is my deep thinking of my drive home today, I know it is as crazy as could be. But just like all the many times I went to Thrifty's with my family or friends and loved it, I will look back on this time of life and love it too....RIGHT???

So there, that's my scoop!


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Oh I wish you were here so we could go to Thrifty's (Rite Aid) right now and get a triple scooper! By the way, Chocolate Malted Crunch is THE BEST!!! I hope life slows down for you...hang in there!

cortney said...

ok, i totally was thinking about the shape of the scooper before i scrolled down for the rest of your post--i'm feeling the balancing act too, but most days it topples over and i cry just the same as a child when their ice cream cone topples over!