Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sprouting Simple Seeds of Faith

Back in March my mother in law was asked to prepare a booth for the BYU Women's Conference. The booth would be part of the Sharing Stations which were held Thursday evening. She asked my sister in law Lori and I to help her. Honestly, the timing wasn't ideal but I willingly said yes. I will admit it was a great experience. I had a lot of fun preparing everything and actually having the chance to sit at the booth on Thursday night. We spent many hours compiling ideas of what we wanted to share with the sisters who would come and visit our booth.

We went with a gardening theme, and our topic was Sprouting Simple Seeds of Faith. (I laughed when ladies would walk by and start to ask me about sprouting broccolli...which I know NOTHING about, they just assumed when they saw the gardening things in our booth we were sharing ideas on actual gardening.) We came up with ideas that can be used in families of all ages to encourage and help faith to grow in each individual. We had to make up some handouts,
which can be found here:

They are full of awesome info that I am sure every household could use some of the suggestions. I learned a lot, my eyes were opened to what I could and should be doing in our home, and I loved having a chance to be a part of the whole event. We had a great response to our booth, it looked great, and I am sad that for whatever reason they didn't post a photo of our booth, but luckily I took on of my own, check it out and see for yourself. I wish I would have taken a photo of the 3 of us who worked on it in front of the final product.

The night of the event, I was totally excited. I have been to Women's Conference before and in all honesty there is a strength that I get when I am surrounded by women. I loved the feeling I got talking to women from all over, even seeing people from my ward growing up and just being surrounded by women who are trying just like I am to do what is right.

Many people asked how we were asked to do a booth, and for us my mother in law had a friend who asked her...and at first she was overwhelmed (and I don't really know if that ever went away for her. I think we all were overwhelmed...however, when it came down to the wire, I LOVED IT! I am so glad I had the experience to be a part of such a great night.

Check out the link...there is tons of great info...there were about 50 booths, all with wonderful info...I promise it would be time well spent. Enjoy!


pati-Sue said...

Cricket: I went to Womens' Conference this year, but I did not go to the "sharing displays because we were going to dinner with some of our mission friends who live in the area. I would have planned differently if I had known in that I would get a chance to see you. (actually, Bob planned the get-to-gether). Your booth would have drawn my attention because it is very clever. Womens' Conf. is very fun and faith-building--I love it, and I am thankful for Bob who will drive the RV up to Provo so I have a place to stay. Love reading about your family, and especially loved the "ice cream cone" story.
pati-Sue Ashcraft