Saturday, May 1, 2010

Liberty's Birthday

It wasn't long after Caleb's b-day that we had another birthday...Liberty turned 7! I really don't think it is fair that my kids have to grow up so fast. Months ago Liberty planned a daddy daughter date for her big night. Her plan, go play tennis and then go for ice cream. Oh, and don't forget Dad had to give her roses. The night was exactly what she had hoped for. They went and had a great time! She also had visits from Papa (Grammy was in Idaho), and Grandma and Grandpa, which made the day even better!
Tennis Anyone?
My Birthday Girl!
Cutest picture of Lib and Papa!

The day after she had a party at the park with some friends. We made notebooks, decorated cupcakes, and did karaoke. It was fun (at least I think it was!). She had a great day!
Happy Birthday Liberty!Check out the frosting!


cortney said...

her hair looks cute like that & that is a darling picture with dad!