Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Classica Skating

What could be better than spending a night with Zach and Liberty at the elementary school Classica Skaing Night. Really it's Classic Skating, however, Liberty called it Classica ALL NIGHT LONG! It just made me laugh. We arrived, tightened up our laces and skated the night away. It is always fun to watch your children interact with other children, Liberty was quick to find her friend Autumn (who didn't know how to skate) and Zach scooted off to find his friends. I wasn't going to skate but Liberty was a bit unstable on wheels so I came to her rescue. It was alot of fun, my one rule was ...
I didn't want to be sprawled out all over the rink with a million little kids falling all over me. There were many times she forgot the rule and I would have to yank her arm to try to keep her up on all four wheels. But all in all she did great. After some time she was out there on her own. It is an interesting thing to watch a group of kids skating around the rink and watching the bouncing bodies all over the place. I don't know how they do it. Of course the high light of the night was couples skating...I was freaking out, Liberty wanted to skate with Zach which he was nice enough to skate with us for a few laps but the he was done...as he skated away Lib looked up at me and said "let's go find another boy!" Me being the mom I am, I quickly said, "I think you're a bit young". What the heck, she is in first grade!
After a fun round of wipe out...I was done. I kept going down on the same knee and yes, I felt my age after that fun! Needless to say, my skates came off an hour earlier than the kids!
Lib and her friend practicing on the carpet before heading out.
Align CenterZach had a hay-day!

I know this one is blurry but it was the best I could get of these two...everytime they were both out on the floor and were separated, when they found each other Zach would always reach out and grab Lib's hand to make sure she was okay! SO CUTE!

After a while Liberty was on her own, check it out she is even dancing while skating!

Fun times with Zach and Liberty was worth every minute. It was CLASSICA!


Cari said...

"Classica" -- she's too cute!