Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nine Months, WHAT???

Brit @ 9 Months

My baby Brit is growing WAY TO FAST! He has really branched out this last month. He is pulling himself up to everything, walking around the couch and table, eating table food (not everything yet), talking up a storm (mom and dad only thing we can understand), dancing, reading books, getting teeth, getting so tall, loves playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, watching and laughing at his brothers and sister all the time, and still managing to steal every single one of our hearts daily! He is a big boy, he is looking so much like his brothers it is crazy!

I tried to keep Brit from crumpling up the nine sign so I put it on a stick...well that only sort of helped...the sign was pretty much thrashed by the time I was done taking photos.
When I sat him on the couch where I have taken his photo every month, he charmed me for a second so I could snap on photo then forget it, he wanted off and wanted to be standing. He loves this being big stuff! I tried to get a photo of him standing on his own...but didn't succeed.

The delay on my camera just missed him standing on his own.

Brit reaching for the camera, he was pretty much done at this point.

And now completely done...look at his expression, you can see how done he really is. (I love how his eyebrow is raised, yet he still has a smirk on his face.)


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

He is going to be so much fun for you guys this Christmas! Enjoy!

Cari said...

It is hard to believe! He's such a doll! I love 9 monthers -- especially ones named Brit! :)

cortney said...

he is the most expressive baby i know--he has so many cute faces! nine months has flown by--why doesn't the nine months when you are pregnant go that fast?!

Shelly Kenison said...

Wow I can't believe all the big boy stuff he is doing already. (Don't tell Bryson, he may get jealous.) You sure have another cute kid. It's amazing how much your kids look like each other.

Cari said...

You did a great job on your family pictures! So cute!