Sunday, November 8, 2009

Superbowl Fun!

Pleasant Grove Vikings 31 to Lone Peak Knights 13
Caleb listening to the coaches giving their pep talks just after the game.

The Champion, Coach Craig & Our little Viking!
Caleb's 8th Grade A Team won the Superbowl yesterday! It was a great game. We played Lone Peak, and they were ready to play. The first 3 quarters the score was 13 to 13...honestly I didn't know who would win! At the beginning of the 4th quarter our team lit up the field and we ended up winning 31 to 13! We did great. It is always great to watch your children succeed in the things they love! Caleb and his teammates are very close, they seriously have formed a brotherhood. It was sad to watch 3 of his teammates (who are real brothers) saying goodbye to their team brothers. They were heading to Phoenix today, and as I watched each boy give a hug and even saw some tears shed, and words of encouragement, I teared up and cried. I feel blessed that Caleb is surrounding himself with good friends. We were able to have a banquet before this family left and it was as always an amazing night for these boys. A great way to celebrate their victory! At the banquet Caleb was named "Most Improved Defensive Player"...honestly he wasn't thrilled with the title but I thought it was pretty cool. Craig LOVED coaching these boys he hopes to continue coaching, it brought back great memories for him and even though he would come home sore from being plowed over by these young boys he couldn't wait to go back the next day!!! It was a very fun year for football!

Craig giving his pep talk to the team! He LOVED being a coach so much!

But, can you hear that??? That is the sound of the season closing and me having my family home every night ... at least for a month of so! But I will take whatever I can get!


cortney said...

brit is the most darling little viking! i love that hat.
great job caleb! enjoy your month of down time--i'm sure it will fly by as it always seems to do!