Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nine Months, WHAT???

Brit @ 9 Months

My baby Brit is growing WAY TO FAST! He has really branched out this last month. He is pulling himself up to everything, walking around the couch and table, eating table food (not everything yet), talking up a storm (mom and dad only thing we can understand), dancing, reading books, getting teeth, getting so tall, loves playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, watching and laughing at his brothers and sister all the time, and still managing to steal every single one of our hearts daily! He is a big boy, he is looking so much like his brothers it is crazy!

I tried to keep Brit from crumpling up the nine sign so I put it on a stick...well that only sort of helped...the sign was pretty much thrashed by the time I was done taking photos.
When I sat him on the couch where I have taken his photo every month, he charmed me for a second so I could snap on photo then forget it, he wanted off and wanted to be standing. He loves this being big stuff! I tried to get a photo of him standing on his own...but didn't succeed.

The delay on my camera just missed him standing on his own.

Brit reaching for the camera, he was pretty much done at this point.

And now completely done...look at his expression, you can see how done he really is. (I love how his eyebrow is raised, yet he still has a smirk on his face.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Zach's Football Banquet

Zach and his great coach, Coach Hill

Last week we went to Zach's football banquet which was held at Pirate Island Pizza. It was a fun night to watch all the boys on the team get together and enjoy each others company. We watched a highlight video, ate pizza, and did awards. Zach got a cool football trophy and dogtag. This is Zach's second year playing tackle and he loves it. The team mom made posters for all the boys to sign...which I thought was a great idea. If you look close in the photo you can see Zach's poster just to the right of him...notice the face he is making. His tongue is sticking out, which is kind of his signature face for photos. Everyone else is smiling normal and cute, and then there is my Zach. It has been fun to see all the friends that Zach has made, he has become good friends with his coaches son Jaxon. Can't wait for next year. Good job Zach on another great season!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Look Alike...You Be The Judge

While Visiting Teaching this month my partner mentioned that she and her 2 daughters thought that my Caleb looked like the guy who plays Finn on Glee....I guess I had never thought about it. So I had to come home and do my homework and put them up against each other. You be the judge, do they look alike?

Here is the Finn dude from Glee...

Here's my Caleb...

What do you think??? I guess I can sort of see it. I think they are both darling! Of couse I am the mom and I am bias to my child!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Light Reading!

I came across this photo that I LOVE and totally forgot to blog so I thought I would share. I was blow drying my hair one morning and came into Craig's office to find Brit had pulled down a few books off the shelf, which isn't unusual. But check out what book he pulled down, opened and was looking at....

Yep, he was checking out THE NEW BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE! (Do you wonder what the OLD BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE was like???) I just started laughing, which made him laugh. I had to click a quick photo. But seriously, is he not the cutest little guy??? He is so happy and easy going, it is just what kind of baby we needed! For that I am very thankful!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love At First Bite!!!

Today Craig decided that Brit needed a bite of the ice cream he was eating. This isn't the first time he bit into it, but everytime we got the same reaction. If only I could have captured the shivers that went along with the facial expressions...he would make a face and then get a happy little grin and giggle right after. I have a feeling he is going to be a lover of ice cream!
Take a bite...
The reaction...(think of him shivering)

Then the grins and giggles!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Superbowl Fun!

Pleasant Grove Vikings 31 to Lone Peak Knights 13
Caleb listening to the coaches giving their pep talks just after the game.

The Champion, Coach Craig & Our little Viking!
Caleb's 8th Grade A Team won the Superbowl yesterday! It was a great game. We played Lone Peak, and they were ready to play. The first 3 quarters the score was 13 to 13...honestly I didn't know who would win! At the beginning of the 4th quarter our team lit up the field and we ended up winning 31 to 13! We did great. It is always great to watch your children succeed in the things they love! Caleb and his teammates are very close, they seriously have formed a brotherhood. It was sad to watch 3 of his teammates (who are real brothers) saying goodbye to their team brothers. They were heading to Phoenix today, and as I watched each boy give a hug and even saw some tears shed, and words of encouragement, I teared up and cried. I feel blessed that Caleb is surrounding himself with good friends. We were able to have a banquet before this family left and it was as always an amazing night for these boys. A great way to celebrate their victory! At the banquet Caleb was named "Most Improved Defensive Player"...honestly he wasn't thrilled with the title but I thought it was pretty cool. Craig LOVED coaching these boys he hopes to continue coaching, it brought back great memories for him and even though he would come home sore from being plowed over by these young boys he couldn't wait to go back the next day!!! It was a very fun year for football!

Craig giving his pep talk to the team! He LOVED being a coach so much!

But, can you hear that??? That is the sound of the season closing and me having my family home every night ... at least for a month of so! But I will take whatever I can get!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was a lot of fun this year. If I had a say in anything I was change Halloween to always being on a Saturday. I loved it, there wasn't any stress and we were able to do alot of fun things because of the extra time we had. We had our Ward party the night before and of course school parties and parades on Friday also. Saturday we went over to the Haunted Express train ride in Lindon. It was the first time we have been but it was really a fun and different activity. Caleb wasn't overly thrilled but he enjoyed it. Plus he and Zach somehow lucked out and got the caboose seats which were much more comfy!!! Craig dressed in his hunting clothes and was the mighty hunter. I had dressed up as a pirate for school on Friday and I guess my costume was lame because I was asked if I was a piece of cheese and a/or a flying donkey! So on Saturday I didn't put the costume back on! Caleb didn't dress up either, just not his thing. Zach was the good old football player, it's a great stand by and he loves it! Liberty after much deliberation decided to be a bride. She looked really cute! Brit was a Hot Dog. Funny story about this costume ... it is actually for a dog! But when I saw it I decided that is all Brit does is crawl around and it wouldn't be anything he could rip off. So I thought it was easy, and a perfect costume. We had a great time trick or treating, and spending time with family. It was a very low key holiday for us and that is what made it so nice! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Super Bowl Color!

Yep, it is that time again...Caleb's team made it to the Super Bowl!!! WHA-WHOO! But with that comes the team spirit, hair coloring. You remember this right?
Well this year they all decided to dye their hair black. Funny thing is that Craig was all fine with it this year. When I asked him why he said "it won't be a big change, Caleb has dark hair already." I just laughed. Caleb thought it was so cool, and honestly it is darker but not as shocking as last year.

Here's Caleb before the hair color...
Here he is after! See not a huge change!

Seriously, where is my little boy?? Doesn't he look so old and grown up! YIKES!

I guess I will have to get used to this every year! This is what we call "taking one for the team!"

Classica Skating

What could be better than spending a night with Zach and Liberty at the elementary school Classica Skaing Night. Really it's Classic Skating, however, Liberty called it Classica ALL NIGHT LONG! It just made me laugh. We arrived, tightened up our laces and skated the night away. It is always fun to watch your children interact with other children, Liberty was quick to find her friend Autumn (who didn't know how to skate) and Zach scooted off to find his friends. I wasn't going to skate but Liberty was a bit unstable on wheels so I came to her rescue. It was alot of fun, my one rule was ...
I didn't want to be sprawled out all over the rink with a million little kids falling all over me. There were many times she forgot the rule and I would have to yank her arm to try to keep her up on all four wheels. But all in all she did great. After some time she was out there on her own. It is an interesting thing to watch a group of kids skating around the rink and watching the bouncing bodies all over the place. I don't know how they do it. Of course the high light of the night was couples skating...I was freaking out, Liberty wanted to skate with Zach which he was nice enough to skate with us for a few laps but the he was he skated away Lib looked up at me and said "let's go find another boy!" Me being the mom I am, I quickly said, "I think you're a bit young". What the heck, she is in first grade!
After a fun round of wipe out...I was done. I kept going down on the same knee and yes, I felt my age after that fun! Needless to say, my skates came off an hour earlier than the kids!
Lib and her friend practicing on the carpet before heading out.
Align CenterZach had a hay-day!

I know this one is blurry but it was the best I could get of these two...everytime they were both out on the floor and were separated, when they found each other Zach would always reach out and grab Lib's hand to make sure she was okay! SO CUTE!

After a while Liberty was on her own, check it out she is even dancing while skating!

Fun times with Zach and Liberty was worth every minute. It was CLASSICA!