Friday, August 14, 2009

Caribou County Fair

Cortney was kind enough to open her house to visitors...all 8 of us. My parents invited Liberty, Brit, Cari, Emma, Max and myself to travel up to Grace,ID to visit Cortney and her family and to enjoy the Caribou County Fair. Cortney was such a gracious hostess...I don't know how I would do with 8 people (even family) coming into my home for 4 days. We all had a blast! The town is a very small one but no matter what we always have a great time everytime we visit. The Fair brought new adventures to Grace (at least for us)...children's parades, frightening carnival rides, cow herding competitions, the biggest otter pops my kids had ever seen (random I know), fun magician, and a not so "funny-guy", a "grand" parade with tons of candy, a great early morning concert and breakfast, to mention a few. But the thing I loved the most was the time spent together with the family. We all had a great time! I hope to go to the fair again!

Here is a photo diary of our 4 days in Grace!

Liberty got to be in the Children's Parade with her cousins. I love the look on Julia's face, while Adam in the trailer is loving every minute of it!
Some of the kids in the fresh fruits and veggies display.

Adam totally enjoying himself while watching cows and cowboys.

Everyone in the rodeo arena...of course I didn't last long in here, the minute the cows came running towards the fence I had to take a walk...I just get too nervous. Come to find out while on my walk, just the night before a cowgirl chased a cow right into the metal fence and the cow dropped dead on the spot. I'm glad I didn't have to see that one!

Lib, Brit and I waiting for the Magician to start.

All the kids at the Fair Entrance.

I have always felt that carnival rides are unsafe, come on now, they drive into town on the back of a truck, set them up and I am supposed to trust them? Somehow Liberty talked me into going on this ride...honestly I think this is the first carnival ride I have ever been on. It was sort of like the teacups at Disneyland. It was fun other than while trying to get into the little heart seat I wacked my head so hard I had a headache the rest of the day! The things mothers will do for their children.

Liberty loved the huge was great cause she got 3 rides. I loved the expressions on her face.

Brit and I hanging out in Cort's back yard.

Liberty had a great time on the trampoline.

Waving to someone in hopes that they would throw candy.

The boys at the parade...

and the girls at the parade.

Dad and Brit at the Bar J Wranglers concert and breakfast...they were really good!

The bottom of the slide at McDonalds in Logan.

We had a great was the perfect way to end the summer! I missed my big boys at home but we enjoyed our stay in Grace. Thanks Cortney, and Grammy & Papa for a great week!