Saturday, August 15, 2009

Viking Pride

This football season Craig decided that he would show extra support for our local Viking teams by making a stencil of the Viking logo for our front grass. Last year we did a BYU one and it was a big hit. This years stencil was much more complex, it was a puzzle honestly! I had just gotten home from Idaho and was trying to get unpacked when they came home with ALL the pieces. There were tons, and many small pieces that made it even harder. But it all came together and it looks great. (Caleb mowed the lawn yesterday and we need to re-paint it). It is pretty fun to sit in my front room and watch as people drive or walk past and notice what it is. We get honks, waves, yells the whole works. What I love about it is the fact that Craig and the boys do it together. They love it and so do I. Check out the process of the Viking Head.

First of all we had to get Brit settled in the Bumbo to watch us.

Here are some of the pieces laid out.

Craig and Caleb trying to figure out some of the small pieces.

A quick break when we heard the Ice Cream Man coming up the street.
Zach sharing his snow cone with Brit. He LOVED it!
Zach starting to paint

Me running around trying to help...but not really knowing what to do.

Liberty helping Craig

Craig painting the white sections

The white part finished.
If you can believe this I haven't taken a photo of it with the blue done. Basicall everywhere inside the circle that is green really is royal blue. It looks really cool. When we repaint it I will get a photo to show. I have people scratch their heads wondering why I allow this but I honestly love to watch my boys work together. Hey even Lib, Brit and I get to help out when we can. It isn't something you see everyday, but it sure it fun.


Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

I think that is so cool!! It looks so complicated...I'm impressed!

Cari said...

You guys are just cool.

cortney said...

that's a fun family tradition--you'll be more famous than the people that go crazy with christmas lights--