Monday, August 24, 2009

He's a Half!

Nice look, if only he could tell us what he is really thinking!
Caleb and Zach making Brit laugh.

Again the sign went directly to his mouth. He was mad when I took it away.

See, I told you he was cute. He has the best smile.

Brit is 6 months old today! He is so stinking cute, it is hard to even express. All of us are so in love with him. He has a smile that won't quit, and a laugh that is contagious. He makes this noise when he plays that I can't describe but it is so funny. He chews on fabric (blankets & burp rags)like it was the best tasting thing ever. He is rolling all over the place. A couple of nights ago I had him sitting in the Bumbo and went about cleaning the kitchen and the next thing I knew he was out of it on the floor rolling around. I don't have a clue how he got out, but luckily it was on the floor and not a counter or table. He will wander all over the house in his walker. He is a happy little guy and he definatley adds joy to our home.

Last week at school one of my cute Kindergarteners asked me how old my baby was...I told her that he was going to be 6 months on the 24th, her reply was...

"Hey, he's going to be a HALF!!"

I got a great laugh from that one. I thought it was very clever of her. So yes, my baby is a 1/2! It seems hard to remember life before he was born. I love having him around, he always puts a smile on my face. He's growing so fast, and I will miss the baby times but it is so fun to watch him grow everyday.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???

(This photo was taken last October...remember the bleached hair!!! But I haven't taken a photo of them yet this year. It amazes me how much they have changed in a year!!)

Well after weeks of practices the season has begun. It is so fun to go and watch my boys play football. Both boys are dedicated to it. They are good players. From now until late October if we aren't home that is where you will find us...either at practices or games. With both Caleb and Zach playing again this year we are very busy. Not to mention all the other things going on in our lives. So be ready for lots of photos and posts of games, big plays (we hope) and lots of wins (we hope). Caleb made the A team again this year, and Zach is playing for the 3rd grade team.

Caleb's Positions Played: Quarterback, Tight End, Outside Linebacker, Defensive End

Zach's Postions Played: Kicker/Punter, Defensive End, Slot Back, Tight End

They are busy guys out on the field. I love it. This year we also have Coach Craig ...he is helping coach Caleb's team. It will be fun to watch him officially on the sidelines this year...every other year he has paced the sidelines yelling out to the boys. This year he will look cute in his coaches shirt and tag, and be yelling out to more than just our boys. He seems to be really enjoying it. Caleb comes home from practices telling things that Craig does, and Craig will show me his "tatoos" (red marks, bruises, etc.) from the boys tackling him.

So here's to another great season! Can't wait to see how it all plays out. GO VIKINGS!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

School Is Cool!

School started today! As always last night we gathered everything we needed laid out clothes and Craig was able to give everyone a Father's Back To School Blessing, which is a tradition. And of course we didn't get everyone in their beds until 10:30 pm, we're still working on that one. But bright and early the kids were up with smiles on their faces, anticipations were running high, and the excitment could be felt. I made blueberry waffles and we all sat down to eat together, which is something I love about school. Everyone got ready and waited, when Caleb's carpool came to pick him up Lib and Zach thought they should head over to the bus stop (they still had about 45 minutes to wait). They all sat looking out the front window as friends and neighbors drove by. Finally I walked with them over to the bus stop and waited another 25 minutes or so. As more children got there the excitment of learning who had what teacher and the talk of the bus driver being mean, and what was for lunch in the cafeteria, it all brought a smile to my face. After a long wait the bus finally came, I watched as Zach so kindly led Liberty onto the bus and watched them sit together and seeing the big smiles on their faces, and yes, I cried! Well, I didn't loose my composure but I got teary. Liberty is so excited to go to Grovecrest, ride the bus, and eat school lunch. Zach is being a great big brother and promised to show her around. I love it! It is a bit quiet around here today, Brit is napping and I have some time to myself. It is like a double edged sword, I love it but hate it at the same time. It is hard to see my children growing up but the excitement that comes with it is amazing! Here's to a great school year!

Caleb my big 8th Grader! (I swear I am not old enough for this)

Zach my 3rd Grader!

Liberty my 1st Grader!

Liberty and Zach watching and waiting for the bus

Brit wondering where all his friends went! There may be some sadness on his part...3 siblings who waited on him hand and foot are going to be gone all day long, what's a boy to do?

*Just a side note...Liberty and I went the rounds about her having to wear a dress to school. I had a totally different dress pick out for her to wear. She was in tears saying no one else will be wearing a dress. But I put my foot down and we compromised with her wearing a skirt. She picked the longest skirt she has and I hope it won't be a problem. Growing up I had to wear skirts or dresses 3 times a week. I ALWAYS wore a dress on the first day, but obviously times have changed because she was other girls had on skirts or dresses (at least not that I saw) which kind of makes me sad. I hope that Liberty will want to wear skirts, I think that it is important. And plus they have so many cute skirts out these days. This could be a battle forever but I hope not. Craig and I didn't see eye to eye either, he didn't see the need for her to wear a skirt. But after all of that I won, and she looked darling! Everyone at the bus stop told her she did!
* Another thought I had this morning as I waited for the bus....When it is finally time for Brit to start school ... Caleb will be on his MISSION!!! Now that is a crazy thought!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Teeth in One Week

Liberty has kept the Tooth Fairy busy this week. Check it out, she has lost 2 more bottom teeth this in like 6 days. I love it. She is thinking she is pretty hot stuff! Gotta love little girls.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Viking Pride

This football season Craig decided that he would show extra support for our local Viking teams by making a stencil of the Viking logo for our front grass. Last year we did a BYU one and it was a big hit. This years stencil was much more complex, it was a puzzle honestly! I had just gotten home from Idaho and was trying to get unpacked when they came home with ALL the pieces. There were tons, and many small pieces that made it even harder. But it all came together and it looks great. (Caleb mowed the lawn yesterday and we need to re-paint it). It is pretty fun to sit in my front room and watch as people drive or walk past and notice what it is. We get honks, waves, yells the whole works. What I love about it is the fact that Craig and the boys do it together. They love it and so do I. Check out the process of the Viking Head.

First of all we had to get Brit settled in the Bumbo to watch us.

Here are some of the pieces laid out.

Craig and Caleb trying to figure out some of the small pieces.

A quick break when we heard the Ice Cream Man coming up the street.
Zach sharing his snow cone with Brit. He LOVED it!
Zach starting to paint

Me running around trying to help...but not really knowing what to do.

Liberty helping Craig

Craig painting the white sections

The white part finished.
If you can believe this I haven't taken a photo of it with the blue done. Basicall everywhere inside the circle that is green really is royal blue. It looks really cool. When we repaint it I will get a photo to show. I have people scratch their heads wondering why I allow this but I honestly love to watch my boys work together. Hey even Lib, Brit and I get to help out when we can. It isn't something you see everyday, but it sure it fun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Caribou County Fair

Cortney was kind enough to open her house to visitors...all 8 of us. My parents invited Liberty, Brit, Cari, Emma, Max and myself to travel up to Grace,ID to visit Cortney and her family and to enjoy the Caribou County Fair. Cortney was such a gracious hostess...I don't know how I would do with 8 people (even family) coming into my home for 4 days. We all had a blast! The town is a very small one but no matter what we always have a great time everytime we visit. The Fair brought new adventures to Grace (at least for us)...children's parades, frightening carnival rides, cow herding competitions, the biggest otter pops my kids had ever seen (random I know), fun magician, and a not so "funny-guy", a "grand" parade with tons of candy, a great early morning concert and breakfast, to mention a few. But the thing I loved the most was the time spent together with the family. We all had a great time! I hope to go to the fair again!

Here is a photo diary of our 4 days in Grace!

Liberty got to be in the Children's Parade with her cousins. I love the look on Julia's face, while Adam in the trailer is loving every minute of it!
Some of the kids in the fresh fruits and veggies display.

Adam totally enjoying himself while watching cows and cowboys.

Everyone in the rodeo arena...of course I didn't last long in here, the minute the cows came running towards the fence I had to take a walk...I just get too nervous. Come to find out while on my walk, just the night before a cowgirl chased a cow right into the metal fence and the cow dropped dead on the spot. I'm glad I didn't have to see that one!

Lib, Brit and I waiting for the Magician to start.

All the kids at the Fair Entrance.

I have always felt that carnival rides are unsafe, come on now, they drive into town on the back of a truck, set them up and I am supposed to trust them? Somehow Liberty talked me into going on this ride...honestly I think this is the first carnival ride I have ever been on. It was sort of like the teacups at Disneyland. It was fun other than while trying to get into the little heart seat I wacked my head so hard I had a headache the rest of the day! The things mothers will do for their children.

Liberty loved the huge was great cause she got 3 rides. I loved the expressions on her face.

Brit and I hanging out in Cort's back yard.

Liberty had a great time on the trampoline.

Waving to someone in hopes that they would throw candy.

The boys at the parade...

and the girls at the parade.

Dad and Brit at the Bar J Wranglers concert and breakfast...they were really good!

The bottom of the slide at McDonalds in Logan.

We had a great was the perfect way to end the summer! I missed my big boys at home but we enjoyed our stay in Grace. Thanks Cortney, and Grammy & Papa for a great week!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House

We finally made it up to the Temple Open House...we decided to leave Brit at home with Grammy and Papa which made it nice but also we felt a little off not having him there with us. I couldn't believe how much smoother this Open House went in comparison to the Draper Temple. Night and Day, if you ask me! It was really pretty and I loved the colors they used inside the Temple. But when I really stop and think about it, the temples are always perfectly done. I feel really blessed to be able to take the family to so many open houses and dedications. As a child I don't remember ever having this experience, Craig remembers going to the Provo re-dedication as a child. (I am pretty sure he told me that, I hope I didn't just make it up, but somewhere in the back of my mind I remember that! If it ends up that he didn't sorry!) But what an experience to remember. In just a couple of weeks we get the chance to go to the dedication of this temple. I hope that my children will always remember this. One of the coolest things about this temple is while standing on the the grounds you can look over the valley and see the Draper and the Jordan River Temples from its front steps. Pretty cool, at least I thought so.
Cool shot that Caleb snapped for our Stake Temple Extravaganza later this week.
This was when we were really feeling odd about not having Brit with us. Someone is missing, sorry Brit!
Here we are waiting for the movie to start. (Not sure what Liberty is doing.)